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           "(C)  Effect   of  finding  of  incompleteness.-Where  the

         Administrator determines  that a  plan submission  (or  part

         thereof)  does  not meet  the  minimum  criteria established

         pursuant to  subparagraph (A), the State shall be treated as

         not having  made the submission  (or, in the Administrator's

         discretion, part thereof).

         "(2)   Deadline  for   action.-Within   12   months   of   a

      determination by  the Administrator (or a  determination deemed

      by  operation  of law)  under paragraph  (1)  that a  State has

      submitted a plan or  plan revision (or, in  the Administrator's

      discretion, part  thereof)  that  meets  the  minimum  criteria

      established pursuant  to paragraph  (1), if applicable  (or, if

      those  criteria  are  not   applicable,  within  12  months  of

      submission of  the plan  or revision), the  Administrator shall

      act on the submission in accordance with paragraph (3).

         "(3) Full and  partial approval and disapproval.-In the case

      of  any submittal on which the Administrator is required to act

      under paragraph  (2),  the  Administrator  shall  approve  such

      submittal  as a  whole  if  it  meets  all  of  the  applicable

      requirements of this  Act. If  a portion of  the plan  revision

      meets  all  the  applicable   requirements  of  this  Act,  the

      Administrator  may  approve  the  plan  revision  in  part  and

      disapprove the plan  revision in part. The  plan revision shall

      not  be treated as meeting  the requirements of  this Act until

      the  Administrator  approves   the  entire  plan   revision  as

      complying with the applicable requirements of this Act.

         "(4) Conditional approval.-The Administrator  may approve  a

      plan revision based on a commitment of the State to

      adopt specific enforceable measures by a  date certain, but not

      later  than  1 year  after the  date  of approval  of  the plan

      revision. Any such  conditional approval shall be treated  as a

      disapproval if the State fails to comply with such commitment.

         "(5)  Calls for  plan revisions.-Whenever  the Administrator

      finds that the applicable implementation  plan for any area  is

      substantially  inadequate to  attain or  maintain  the relevant

      national ambient  air quality standard,  to mitigate adequately

      the interstate pollutant transport described in section 176A or

      section 184, or  to otherwise  comply with  any requirement  of

      this  Act, the Administrator shall require  the State to revise

      the  plan  as  necessary  to  correct  such  inadequacies.  The

      Administrator shall  notify the State of  the inadequacies, and

      may  establish reasonable  deadlines (not  to exceed  18 months

      after the date of such notice)  for the submission of such plan

      revisions.  Such  findings  and  notice shall  be  public.  Any

      finding  under   this  paragraph  shall,  to   the  extent  the

      Administrator  deems  appropriate,  subject  the State  to  the

      requirements of this Act to which the State was subject when it

      developed and  submitted the plan  for which  such finding  was

      made,  except  that  the  Administrator may  adjust  any  dates

      applicable under such requirements as appropriate (except  that

      the Administrator may not adjust any attainment date prescribed

      under part D, unless such date has elapsed).

         "(6) Corrections.-Whenever the Administrator determines that

      the   Administrator's   action   approving,  disapproving,   or

      promulgating any plan or plan  revision (or part thereof), area

      designation, redesignation, classification, or reclassification

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