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      Administrator determines that compliance with the limitation on

      emissions of oxides of nitrogen under the preceding sentence is

      technically  infeasible,  considering  the  other  requirements

      applicable  under  this   subsection  to  such  gasoline,   the

      Administrator may, as appropriate to ensure

      compliance with this subparagraph, adjust (or waive  entirely),

      any other requirements of  this paragraph (including the oxygen

      content requirement  contained  in  subparagraph  (B))  or  any

      requirements applicable under paragraph (3)(A).

         "(B) Oxygen  content.-The  oxygen  content of  the  gasoline

      shall  equal  or exceed  2.0 percent  by  weight (subject  to a

      testing tolerance  established by the Administrator)  except as

      otherwise required by this Act. The Administrator may waive, in

      whole  or in part, the application of this subparagraph for any

      ozone  nonattainment   area   upon  a   determination  by   the

      Administrator  that  compliance  with  such  requirement  would

      prevent  or  interfere with  the attainment  by  the area  of a

      national primary ambient air quality standard.

         "(C) Benzene  content.-The benzene  content of  the gasoline

      shall not exceed 1.0 percent by volume.

         "(D) Heavy metals.-The  gasoline shall have no heavy metals,

      including lead  or manganese.  The Administrator may  waive the

      prohibition contained  in this  subparagraph for a  heavy metal

      (other than lead) if the Administrator determines that addition

      of the heavy  metal to  the gasoline will  not increase, on  an

      aggregate  mass  or  cancer-risk  basis,  toxic  air  pollutant

      emissions from motor vehicles.

      "(3) More  stringent of  formula or  performance standards.-The

   regulations referred to in paragraph (1)  shall require compliance

   with the  more stringent of either  the requirements  set forth in

   subparagraph (A) or the requirements  of subparagraph (B) of  this

   paragraph.  For   purposes  of  determining   the  more  stringent

   provision,  clause (i)  and clause (ii)  of subparagraph (B) shall

   be considered independently.

         "(A) Formula.-

           "(i) Benzene.-The  benzene  content  of  the  reformulated

         gasoline shall not exceed 1.0 percent by volume.

           "(ii) Aromatics.-The  aromatic hydrocarbon  content of the

         reformulated gasoline shall not exceed 25 percent by volume.

           "(iii)  Lead.-The reformulated gasoline shall have no lead


           "(iv) Detergents.-The reformulated gasoline shall  contain

         additives to prevent the accumulation of deposits in engines

         or vehicle fuel supply systems.

           "(v)   Oxygen   content.-The   oxygen   content   of   the

         reformulated gasoline  shall equal or  exceed 2.0 percent by

         weight (subject  to a  testing tolerance  established by the

         Administrator) except as otherwise required by this Act.

         "(B) Performance standard.-

           "(i)  VOC  emissions.-During  the high  ozone  season  (as

         defined by  the Administrator),  the aggregate emissions  of

         ozone  forming  volatile  organic  compounds  from  baseline

         vehicles when  using the  reformulated gasoline  shall be 15

         percent  below  the aggregate  emissions  of  ozone  forming

         volatile  organic compounds  from  such vehicles  when using

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