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      ozone forming volatile organic compounds and emissions of toxic

      air pollutants  emitted by baseline vehicles  when operating on

      baseline gasoline.  For purposes  of this subsection,  within 1

      year after the  enactment of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments  of

      1990, the  Administrator shall, by  rule, determine appropriate

      measures of, and methodology for, ascertaining the emissions of

      air  pollutants (including calculations, equipment, and testing


      "(5) Prohibition.-Effective  beginning January 1, 1995, each of

   the following shall be a violation of this subsection:

         "(A) The  sale or  dispensing by any  person of conventional

      gasoline to ultimate consumers in any covered area.

         "(B)  The  sale  or  dispensing  by  any  refiner,  blender,

      importer, or  marketer of  conventional gasoline for  resale in

      any covered  area, without  (i) segregating such  gasoline from

      reformulated   gasoline,  and   (ii)   clearly   marking   such

      conventional  gasoline as "conventional  gasoline, not for sale

      to ultimate consumer in a covered area".

   Any refiner, blender, importer or marketer  who purchases property

   segregated  and  marked  conventional  gasoline,   and  thereafter

   labels,  represents, or wholesales  such gasoline  as reformulated

   gasoline shall  also  be  in  violation of  this  subsection.  The

   Administrator  may  impose sampling,  testing,  and  recordkeeping

   requirements upon any  refiner, blender, importer, or  marketer to

   prevent violations of this section.

      "(6) Opt-in areas.-(A) Upon the application of the  Governor of

   a State, the Administrator  shall apply the prohibition  set forth

   in  paragraph  (5) in  any  area  in  the  State classified  under

   subpart 2 of part  D of title I as a Marginal,  Moderate, Serious,

   or  Severe  Area  (without  regard  to  whether  or  not  the 1980

   population  of the  area exceeds 250,000).  In any  such case, the

   Administrator  shall   establish  an   effective  date  for   such

   prohibition as  he deems  appropriate, not later  than January  1,

   1995, or 1 year after  such application is received,  whichever is

   later. The  Administrator shall  publish such  application in  the

   Federal Register upon receipt.

      "(B) If  the Administrator  determines, on the  Administrator's

   own motion or on petition  of any person, after  consultation with

   the  Secretary of  Energy,  that  there is  insufficient  domestic

   capacity to produce gasoline certified under  this subsection, the

   Administrator shall,  by rule, extend the  effective date  of such

   prohibition  in  Marginal,  Moderate,  Serious,  or  Severe  Areas

   referred to in  subparagraph (A) for one additional year, and may,

   by rule,  renew such extension for  2 additional one-year periods.

   The Administrator shall act  on any petition submitted  under this

   paragraph within 6 months after receipt of the petition.

   The Administrator  shall issue  such extensions for  areas with  a

   lower ozone classification  before issuing any such  extension for

   areas with a higher classification.

      "(7)   Credits.-(A)  The  regulations  promulgated  under  this

   subsection  shall  provide  for the  granting  of  an  appropriate

   amount of credits to a  person who refines, blends, or imports and

   certifies a gasoline or slate of gasoline that-      "(i)  has  an

                                                      oxygen  content

                                                      (by     weight)

                                                      that    exceeds

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