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                                                      the     minimum

                                                      oxygen  content

                                                      specified    in

                                                      paragraph  (2);

         "(ii) has  an aromatic hydrocarbon  content (by volume) that

      is less than the  maximum aromatic hydrocarbon content required

      to comply with paragraph (3); or

         "(iii) has a  benzene content (by volume) that is  less than

      the maximum benzene content specified in paragraph (2).

      "(B) The  regulations described in subparagraph  (A) shall also

   provide  that  a  person  who  is  granted  credits  may  use such

   credits, or  transfer all or a portion of  such credits to another

   person  for  use  within  the  same  nonattainment  area,  for the

   purpose of complying with this subsection.

      "(C) The  regulations promulgated  under subparagraphs  (A) and

   (B)  shall  ensure  the enforcement  of  the requirements  for the

   issuance,   application,  and   transfer  of   the  credits.  Such

   regulations  shall  prohibit  the granting  or  transfer  of  such

   credits for  use with respect to  any gasoline  in a nonattainment

   area, to the  extent the use of  such credits would result  in any

   of the following:

         "(i) An  average gasoline  aromatic hydrocarbon  content (by

      volume) for the nonattainment (taking into account all gasoline

      sold for  use in  conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles  in the

      nonattainment  area) higher  than  the  average  fuel  aromatic

      hydrocarbon content (by volume) that would occur in the absence

      of using any such credits.

         "(ii) An average gasoline oxygen content (by weight) for the

      nonattainment area  (taking into account all  gasoline sold for

      use   in   conventional   gasoline-fueled   vehicles   in   the

      nonattainment  area)  lower than  the  average  gasoline oxygen

      content  (by weight) that would  occur in the  absence of using

      any such credits.

         "(iii)  An  average  benzene  content  (by  volume)  for the

      nonattainment area  (taking into account all  gasoline sold for

      use   in   conventional   gasoline-fueled   vehicles   in   the

      nonattainment area) higher than the average benzene content (by

      volume)  that  would occur  in the  absence  of using  any such


      "(8) Anti-dumping rules.-

         "(A) In  general.-Within 1 year  after the enactment of  the

      Clean  Air  Act Amendments  of  1990,  the Administrator  shall

      promulgate regulations applicable to  each refiner, blender, or

      importer of gasoline ensuring  that gasoline sold or introduced

      into commerce by such refiner, blender, or importer (other than

      reformulated gasoline  subject to the requirements of paragraph

      (1)) does not result in average  per gallon emissions (measured

      on a mass basis) of (i) volatile organic compounds, (ii) oxides

      of  nitrogen,  (iii)  carbon   monoxide,  and  (iv)  toxic  air

      pollutants  in  excess of  such  emissions  of such  pollutants

      attributable to  gasoline sold  or introduced into  commerce in

      calendar year 1990 by that refin-

      er, blender,  or importer.  Such regulations shall  take effect

      beginning January 1, 1995.

         "(B)  Adjustments.-In   evaluating   compliance   with   the

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