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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

Part III. Group Discussion and Game Topic: Solving the Puzzle-Assessing for Risk

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    Braden Scale Risk Factors Game Step 1. Use the Braden Puzzle Piece Set for this exercise and discussion. Each set has 6 puzzle pieces with a different Braden risk factor listed on each piece. Step 2. Each participant should receive one puzzle piece. Each set should have a total of 6 puzzle pieces, which includes all the risk factors. Multiple sets can be used for more than 6 players. Step 3. Go through each risk factor and ask the participants of a particular risk factor to raise their hands if they have that puzzle piece. Ask them for an intervention to help reduce the effect of that risk factor. Step 4. At the end of this exercise, the accompanying PowerPoint will show the completed puzzle.

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    Braden Scale Risk Factors Game Answers Risk Factor: Sensory Perception Description: The person’s ability to perceive and respond MEANINGFULLY to pressure related pain & discomfort Interventions:

    • Remember the shoe exercise? Check for anything that could be creating pressure on the skin.

    • For the resident with limited ability to perceive pressure, put on a turning schedule to ensure pressure relieved at regular intervals.

Risk Factor: Moisture

Description: The amount of moisture to which the skin is exposed. Interventions:

  • Use moisture barrier in particularly wet areas (peri-area, buttocks, etc.)

  • Change clothing, incontinence products, and linen as often as you need to.

Risk Factor: Activity

Description: Getting up and around. Interventions:

  • Change position at least every 2 hours

  • ROM

  • Ambulate

  • Teach resident to change his/her own position.

Risk Factor: Mobility


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