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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

Part I. Hands-On Activities Topic: Oh, My Precious Epidermis

Start with educating them on what a pressure ulcer is and what causes them. Click on the Oh, My Precious Epidermis slide. Introduce that importance of pressure ulcer prevention and how the Nursing Assistant is the key to its success. Next, set up the “Under Pressure” exercise.

1. Under Pressure (Setup)

Step 1. Have 5 participants come up to the front of the room and sit in chairs facing the group.

Step 2. Have each participant cross his or her legs and get comfortable. Once situated ask them to uncross their legs and re-cross them in the opposite position.

Hint: you may want to allow them to bring up their paper to make notes on during the presentation.

Step 3. Tell the participants they are not to change or shift their positions for the entire presentation.

Step 4. Tell the participants that if they can’t stand to sit in that position any longer to call out during the presentation to notify the instructor. Also, ask the participants to monitor each other and if you see each other move call out during the presentation and identify who moved.

Step 5. Then ask the audience to look at their positions carefully and if they see them move to call out during the presentation and identify who moved.

Hint: you can also give a treat to anyone who identifies that someone has moved if you do, this let the participants know if they identify anyone moving, a reward will be given.

Step 6. During the presentation if a participant calls out that they need to move or is caught moving, have them go back to their seat. Move on to the presentation at this point.

2. The Barren Desert

Objective: To visually see the effects of friction on the skin. Dry onion skin should tear and shed when inserted in and out of a long tube sock. Applying lotion should moisturize the onion skin, reduce friction and help prevent skin tears.

Step 1. Advise the participants to think of the onion as an elder’s fragile skin, and the sock as his or her bed linen.

Step 2. Have dry onions available.


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