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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

Hint: Onions should be dry, and kept at room temperature for best skin shedding.

Step 3. Have participant try to put a dry onion in and out of a long tube sock. Note what happens to the onion’s skin. Turn the sock inside out so the participants can see all the onion’s skin that has shed

Step 4. Now apply lotion generously all over the dry onion. With a clean sock, repeat the process. Turn the sock inside out to show little to no shedding occurred. How does applying lotion change the results seen on the onion’s skin?

Hint: Another hint to reduce friction: Have volunteer roll the sock all the way down to the toes in order to reduce “sliding” the entire sock over the onion.

Have paper towels available for participant to clean lotion from his/her hands.

Lesson: The importance of moisturizer in the prevention of pressure ulcers. When applying lotion, avoid vigorous massage over bony prominences or reddened areas. For lower legs (below the knee) & feet, petroleum products (Vaseline) are the best to use as they do not contain lanolin or mineral oil, which can irritate skin on the lower legs and feet.

3. Fragile-Handle with Care:

Objective: Pulling off silk tape from an over-ripe tomato will pull the tomato’s skin off thus replicating how easily the skin can tear.

Step 1. Ask the audience who has a “tender touch?” Invite this individual to come up and participate in this activity. Advise the participants to think of the tomato as the fragile skin of an elderly resident and the silk tape as a band-aid or dressing.

Step 2. Have an overripe, thin-skinned tomato with silk tape applied (If tomatoes are not available, may use plums, or any fruit with skin that tears easily).

Hint: Keep tomatoes/fruit at room temperature to ensure delicacy.

Step 3. Tell the participant that his/her challenge is to remove the silk tape without tearing the skin. If the participant succeeds, have the audience clap for him/her and designate them as having a “tender touch.”

Lesson: The importance of removing all bandages with care, so as not to tear the skin. Remember, any harsh movement or pulling can create a skin tear. Residents can wear long sleeves and pants to add a layer of protection. Provide a well-lit environment to reduce the risk of residents bumping into equipment or furniture (Baranoski, S., 2003).

4. The Barrier Reef:

Objective: To show how skin protective ointments protect the skin from urine and feces. This exercise will also teach them when to use clear ointments verses paste ointments and


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