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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

how to properly remove them without irritating/tearing the skin. After submerging both hands into colored water, the participants should notice a difference in skin color between the unprotected hand and the hand with clear or paste barrier ointment. In addition, water will bead (be repelled) only on the protected hand. For the paste barrier cream show how to remove just the visible colored water, gently leaving a layer on the skin to show that it is not necessary to scrub off all the paste barrier ointment.

Step 1. You need two participants and let them know it may stain their hands for a day.

Step 2. Apply CLEAR Petrolatum moisture barrier (i.e. A & D, Protective Ointment) to top of one hand of the first participant. Then apply a layer of the paste ointment (zinc oxide) to one hand of the second participant.

Step 3. Two pans of water with a generous amount of food coloring Hint: Red works great!

Have each participant place both hands in a pan of water for a few minutes. Ensure water covers the tops of the hands. While the hands are soaking, ask the audience what they expect the hands will look like when removed.

Step 4. Remove the hands and compare them. The knuckles of the unprotected hand will appear “colored” while the protected hand repels the food coloring and water beads on it.

Hint: An effective analogy to draw is reminding them how a car with a good wax application repels (beads) the water when it rains. A sign that the car is being protected. In the same respect, they will see water beading on the hand with barrier ointment.

Step 5. Next demonstrate how to gently remove any of the colored water off the participant with the paste ointment, removing just the visible colored water, leaving some paste on the skin.

Have towels available for drying.

Lesson: Moisture is a risk factor for developing pressure ulcers. The importance of using barrier creams as they will help protect the skin during an incontinent episode. Clear ointments should be used on clear intact skin and paste ointments should be used on irritated/macerated skin until the skin is clear & intact again. It is very important that staff know how to gently remove the paste ointments so they do not further disrupt the irritated skin.

5. You’re Tearing Me Apart

Objective: As the participant slides against the wall with two layers of tissue paper, he/she is replicating friction and shearing. The two layers of tissue paper should crinkle, separate and may even tear.


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