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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

Step 1.

To make this fun, ask for a participant who is the “wild one” in the group. Usually the group points out this individual.

Step 2. Step 3.

Give participant the two layered tissue paper

Advise the audience to think of the tissue paper as fragile skin and the wall as the bed linen.

Step 4. Step 5.

Have the participant lean against the wall on the paper

Advise the participant that you are going to see how “wild” he/she really is. Have him/her slide up and down the wall, and side to side. At the same time,

ask the participants what they expect to happen to the tissue paper. Step 6. Allow the audience to view the participant’s tissue paper.

Step 7. Ask the participants to discuss ideas on how to reposition residents to reduce friction.

Lesson: To prevent friction and shearing, use draw sheets and lifting devices to “lift” rather than “drag” residents. Keep the HOB at, or below, 30 degrees or at the lowest degree of elevation, consistent with the resident’s medical condition, to prevent sliding and shear injuries. Use cushioning devices, such as pillows, to prevent the touching of bony prominences. Cornstarch can also reduce friction if sprinkled in underwear/ incontinence briefs or on bed linens. Just be careful not to use too much or get it on the floor as it will be slippery.

Topic: Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner 1. Taster’s Choice

Objective: By tasting the facility’s supplements/food at different temperatures, the participant will understand the importance of knowing each resident’s food preferences to maintain their nutrition.

Step 1. Have the participants taste samples of their own supplements or food warm and cold.

Step 2. Have the participants sample hot foods served cold.

Step 3. Explain to participants that sometimes “tasters” have experienced indigestion and stomach cramps. This may explain the unwillingness of the elder to accept the supplement/food the second time. If this occurs encourage the CNA to inquire about symptoms if the elder refuses since this can impact nutritional intake.

Step 4. Next give them a facility menu for the week or month (which ever is available).


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