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Skin Care Fair Instruction Guide

Step 5. Have them right down the foods they see on the menu they do not like. Then have them write down any of their favorite foods that they don’t see being offered.

Step 6. Have them share their dislikes and favorite foods that are not on the menu and how they would feel about this.

Lesson: Weight loss is a risk factor for developing a pressure ulcer. Appeal to the resident’s appetite by serving food according to the resident’s preferences and consistent with the resident’s medical condition.

2. Treasure Hunt

Objective: The participant will experience the difficulties a resident encounters while eating. The safety glasses and gloves replicate vision impairment and arthritis. A time limit placed on “mealtime” emphasizes these difficulties.

Step 1. The participant applies safety glasses coated with petroleum jelly. Step 2. The participant applies cotton gloves (garden gloves can be used).

Step 3. Use a plate with colors similar to colored “Goldfish” crackers. Put about 25 colored goldfish within the respective colors on the plate.

Step 4. Advise the participant that he/she has 30 seconds for mealtime. To complete his/her meal, the participant must use this time to pickup each goldfish individually and place it on another plate. Time the start and finish of the activity.

Step 5. Note if the participant was able to complete his/her “dinner” and what difficulties he/she had.

Lesson: Physical limitations can be a factor in poor nutritional intake. Assist residents to eat as necessary. Understand how residents may feel about their limitations.

Topic: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Can You Tolerate the Pressure?

1. The Princess and the Pea

Objective: When the participant sits on a pillow with a firm ball underneath, he/she will not be comfortable sitting.

Step 1. Ask the audience if there is a princess present. Choose a participant to test if they are truly a “princess.”

Step 2. A chair with a small, firm rubber ball or tennis ball

Step 3. Secretly place pillow (covered with a plastic garbage bag for cleanliness) on top of the ball so that the ball is not visible


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