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  • Housing on Altamont (200 block – 7 houses on each side) near California and Cross Town Bridge – probably going commercial or light industrial – two of the homeowners from the area are supportive of the transition but are looking for city’s help in selling their properties for a fair price

  • hallmark parcel – proposal for senior housing

  • major influx of children into neighborhood – need more parks

  • lots of satellite parks, unmaintained – becoming haven for drug dealers

  • Greenbelt areas along edge of neighborhood

  • Street lighting lacking throughout neighborhood

  • 1327-1329 Fourth – Apartment building – problem building (drug dealing)

  • High influx of kids to Boys and Girls Club (7th and Webster) – the club uses local park but constantly needs cleanup (expended needles and more traditional trash and debris)

  • Good neighborhoods make good parks (10th Avenue is a good neighborhood)

  • Orchard Park – pool access is through alley way – not visible from the main street – visible parks are better maintained

  • Drugs, gangs – need police unit on Crane Street

  • Types of small businesses needed – supermarket, strip mall retail

  • Altamont strip mall seems to be doing fine

  • Norwood – Ostrander – 8th Avenue – street name changes along this route is confusing to visitors

  • 1st Avenue (houses falling down the hill); Bailey Avenue and Second Avenue – poor housing - Consider redevelopment of this area for new housing – perhaps tie into Crane Street commercial initiatives previously proposed to create a grand redevelopment project for the neighborhood – area offers great views and good potential for redevelopment

  • Mont Pleasant (and the city) need good middle class jobs

  • Identify land fill area of green belt area along 890

  • Repave city lot off Crane Street

  • Traffic issues: Norwood, Forest Road, Forest and Francis (bad intersection), Chrisler

  • Quackenbush Pool is ok

  • Bridge and Crane – nice rehab job

  • Schenectady International (brownfield site) – leave it alone

  • Code enforcement – need more personnel

  • City working on pro-active code enforcement plan with police

  • Need to increase homeownership in neighborhoods

  • Two families could provide incentive to increase homeownership (tenant income from rental unit could make mortgage more affordable to low and moderate income families

  • Trend seems to be moving toward homeownership

  • Lack of JOBS is probably preventing more people from coming to Schenectady – homes exist and are affordable

  • Tech valley has potential to create a wide range of jobs

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