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Assessment results will be used to:

Review exit exam in ASL 202 to confirm that questions reflect state standards of proficiency as set forth by the Arizona Language Articulation Task Force.

Hold norming sessions with ASL instructors on grading research papers. Incorporate more than one faculty reader during review of research papers, and discuss rubric results.

Review interview questions and responses to confirm that they reflect state standards of proficiency as set forth by the Arizona Language Articulation Task Force.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Course Cluster 1 (Levels 1 and 2)

The purpose of this course cluster is to enable non-native speakers of English to achieve self-determined language acquisition goals: degree/certificate completion, employment, employment mobility, and/or personal enrichment.

Students will demonstrate level appropriate


listening and reading comprehension and spoken and written use of words and phrases in affirmative and negative statements, questions, and commands in simple and complex phonological, morphological, grammatical, and syntactical contexts.


recognition and comprehension of simple and increasingly complex cultural practices (i.e. holidays, common eating, working, and recreational habits and conditions, gestures) used in  the United States and in other areas of the English speaking world.

Measurement tools, criteria, and results:

At the beginning of the semester, 100% of Level 2 students who passed Level 1 at AWC with “C” or better will achieve a score of 80% or higher on a comprehensive Level 1 multiple choice structure test and write a letter with 70% or higher accuracy in content, organization, grammar, and mechanics.  This component (1a) will be administered in Spring 2003 after the computerized test is changed so that students can "see" which answer they are selecting.

The learner will also respond with 70% accuracy to written and aural prompts by answering  written comprehension questions based on selected topics that contain relevant cultural content with 70% accuracy.   The results show that 8 students answered comprehension questions based on a 4 paragraph story about the development of the McDonald’s hamburger restaurants.  87% (7) of students scored 75% or higher: 12.5% (1) scored 100%, 12.5% (1) scored 97%, 50% (4) scored 93%, 12.5% (1)  scored 91%,12.5% (1) scored 66%.

The results of the aural comprehension showed that 16 students followed oral instructions to trace routes to 10 places on a map of Yuma:  75% (12) of students scored 70% or higher: 50% (8) of students scored 100%, 25% (4) scored 75%, 25% (4) scored 50% or lower.


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