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Assessment results will be/have been used in the following ways:

1a) Faculty recommended changes to the computerized ESL placement test so that students could SEE the answer they selected before going to the next test item.  Discussions are taking place to incorporate changes via using new testing software.  Level 1 and 2 structure faculty will review the test items once again to ensure that competencies of each level are reflected on the structure test items.

1b) A prompt for a writing exercise has been designed and faculty will assess students' ability to write a formal letter in Spring 2003.

2a) This pilot is useful for detecting students’ understanding of map vocabulary and commands.  Understanding and using maps, giving and receiving oral directions is an essential part of functioning in the U.S. and allows our ESL students who live in Mexico to help English only speaking tourists who travel in Mexico. Faculty will keep this competency in our curriculum, and will use a map that has a larger typeset.  Faculty recommends a larger cohort.

2b) This pilot showed that text chosen is appropriate for cultural content  The cohort was on a volunteer basis for the pilot.  Faculty recommends using at least 30 students to participate next time.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Course Cluster 2 (Levels 3,4 and 5)

The purpose of this course cluster is to enable non-native speakers of English to achieve self-determined language acquisition goals: degree/certificate completion, employment, employment mobility, and/or personal enrichment.

Students will demonstrate level appropriate competencies summarized below with results and changes.


Competency:  listening and reading comprehension and spoken and written use of words and phrases in affirmative and negative statements, questions, and commands in simple and complex phonological, morphological, grammatical, and syntactical contexts.  The measurement and success criteria for this competency will be a comprehensive Level 3 multiple choice structure-vocabulary-listening test in response to the tape recorded passage  “Commuter Marriages” from the level 3 textbook Focus on Grammar 2nd ed.  The grammar and vocabulary portions will be administered Spring 2003.

2.   Competency:  recognition and comprehension of simple and increasingly complex cultural practices (i.e. holidays, common eating, working, and recreational  habits and conditions, gestures) used in the United States and in other areas of the English speaking world. At the beginning of the semester, 100% of Level 4 students who passed Level 3 at AWC with “C” or better will achieve a score of 70% or higher on a multiple choice reading comprehension(2a) and grammar test (2b) based on a passage “Women in The United States” from textbook Grammar Through Stories.

The actual results showed that of 23 students,  44% (10) scored 70% or higher, 56% (13) scored 69% or lower for part 2a (reading comprehension).  ESL Program students need more vocabulary focus. Faculty are discussing the


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