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adoption of self-paced computerized 1 credit repeatable modules.  

The actual results for part 2b (grammar) showed that 77% (13) of the 23 students scored 70% or higher while 23% (10) scored 69% or lower.  This result is near the target of 100% of students scoring 70% or better. However, this pilot did not include more than 30 students. The process will be repeated in Spring 2003.  The tool is long, has ambiguous answer choices, but is a culturally relevant and structurally appropriate passage, therefore faculty have revised the answer sheet format and will administer this again in Spring 2003.

3.  Competency:  Use of email and word processing.  At the beginning of the semester, 100% of Level 4 students who passed Level 3 at AWC with “C” or better will achieve a score of 70% or higher on a 2 paragraph written response to the reading selection “Women in the United States”.  Students will type the paragraphs on the word processor and email their responses to the designated faculty member(s). This competency will be assessed in Spring  2003.

4.  Competency:  Appropriate score on CPT-R and CPT-S placement tests for admittance to English and Reading classes for those students pursuing a degree or certificate. At the beginning of the semester, 100% of Level 4 students who passed Level 3 at AWC with “C” or better  AND who are currently enrolled in ESL levels 4, or 5 OR have come through the AWC ESL program and  are enrolled in a RDG or ENG course will achieve a score of 70% or higher on an analysis of the raw scores on the CPT-R and CPT-S. The data will be collected and analyzed in Spring 2003.

Spanish Course Cluster  (Spanish General Education Courses 101, 102, 201, 202)

Completers will demonstrate fourth semester proficiency as specified by the Languages Articulation Task Force of Arizona (2/26/99) in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the Spanish language, and will demonstrate an understanding of norms, values, and beliefs of where Spanish is spoken, in order to fulfill the foreign language requirements necessary for transfer to a 4 year institution of higher learning, or for personal enrichment.

Course cluster completers will be able to:


Apply critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate texts which have a clear, underlying internal structure


Follow writing process (i.e. organizing, revising, proofreading) in Spanish


Demonstrate comprehension and language production, including cultural fluency

Assessment tools, criteria for success, results and changes for the above competencies:


100% of students will receive at least 70% on the exit exam in SPA 202, the capstone course. 100% of students (10 of 10)  received above 80% on the exit exam in SPA 202. Standardization of exit exams in SPA 101 – 202 will occur beginning Spring 2003 per faculty recommendation.


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