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[from the end of Balinese/Javanese/Oriental discussion] We’re done. Thank you for bringing all that information. Can I get just one real quick thing on Ragdolls? The pointed Ragdolls, I spoke in 94/95. If you cannot tell on the judging table that it’s not a Balinese or that it’s not a Ragdoll, if there’s any confusion then it deserves to be withheld. The Balinese and Javanese have no objection whatsoever to pointed Ragdolls.

Colorpoint Pattern: Point color on all extremities of the body: mask, ears, legs, feet, tail. These should be well defined, with good contrast between point and body color and point color being even on all extremities. Disqualify ANY white spotting or locket, white toes, white hairs between the toes or areas lacking pigment on paw pads.

: The Ragdoll breeders place a great deal of emphasis on controlling the location of the white spotting gene. The Colorpoint Ragdoll which contains no dominant white spotting gene, resulting in the complete absence of white, is an essential pattern in controlling the WSF in that it helps prevent kittens of an extreme pattern, in both the Bicolor and Mitted patterns. Colorpoints are instrumental in selecting traits and quality of colors that are the very definition of any pointed breed. Good contrast and uniformity of point color, light body color, identification and refining of dilute colors, matching of paw pad and nose color to that of point color, quality of barring on lynxs. These are all traits that are difficult, if not impossible, to determine when concentrating solely on the bicolor pattern. (See accompanying article “Review of Pattern & Prediction”, which shows a summary of 9 possible matings. The High White X Colorpoint will provide the breeder with the most perfectly normal Bicolor pattern.) Allowance of colorpoints will encourage the use of a greater number of cats in a more proportional manner in CFA breeding programs and this can only benefit our gene pool, allowing the breed to maintain it’s health and vigor.

In trying to emphasize differences with other similar breeds, the Ragdoll breeders have weighed their points more towards type. In order for the Ragdoll breeders to maintain a high quality of type as well as pattern, they feel it is extremely important that the colorpoints be advanced into AOV class so that CFA Judges may handle and adequately evaluate our breed without the optical illusion caused by the pattern.

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