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They have that wonderful muzzle that’s very different and they have, you know, a look in their eyes that’s different so I’m not worried about that, but I think part of what makes that breed so exciting and the reason why they are able to take best cat in show wins – very unusual for such a new breed – is because of that bi-color pattern and I think we’re going to destroy that breed. It’s just going to go downhill if we start saying, “yeah, points will be fine” and then pretty soon lynx points will be fine and all. It’s going to be all muddle and it’s going to lose that. Let me bring up a point. The Ragdoll breed council,

they have asked two questions. On the moving of Siberians to provisional, they asked if the pointed coloration in the Siberians would affect the Ragdoll and the breed council voted 18 yes, 5 no. On the reinstatement of restrictions for showing a pointed color Ragamuffins, they

feel that that would affect their breed 22 to 1. Now, the Birmans voted 63 to 2, yes, they thought that it was going to affect. Here we have, do you think as a board, in fact I’m going to put this to a vote. Do you think that this affects the Birman breed? Yes. We have right here, the approval of 60% of the members voting of the specific breed council

affected. Now, the Ragdoll obviously feels it is going to be affected by the Siberians and Ragamuffins. The Birmans also feel that they would be affected by the colorpointed Ragdoll. We were sent a picture of a Siberian that was pointed or mitted, I think it was, and asked if we could identify that from a Birman and I agree with what Loretta said. I

do think that the Siberians in the mitted pattern could be confused with a Birman. Also, when we accepted the Ragamuffins, we told them no pointed colors at all. Just don’t even come to us with pointed colors because we won’t ever entertain that, and they said that that was like over 50% of their breed and we told them well, that’s too bad, you’re going to need to work on the full bodied colors and that’s what we want to see from this breed. Don’t even

come back to us with anything pointed. For us to say that a pointed Ragdoll looks like a Birman I think is absolutely wrong and that it could infringe on it. To Jim’s point, James’ point earlier, if you have the opportunity to education the public, the best opportunity is by comparison and you can’t do that without that cat there to point out what the differences are. You have to be able to say, “this is a Birman, look at the gloving, look at the Roman profile,

look at the flatness in front of the ears, look at the ear set. This is a pointed Ragdoll. No white gloving on the feet, no white hock.” I mean, without that comparison, we’re doomed to constantly explaining without the benefit of having something there, so by having it in the

show hall, you point out the clarity and the differences. If you want to talk about keeping something out of your breed or affecting your breed, I agree. The Siberians would affect it. I absolutely agree with that. A mitted Ragdoll? Darrell thinks there’s a big difference. I need more education before I can agree with that. But a pointed one? No! All I can say is when I was on the board when we accepted the Ragdoll and we made it very plain that we wanted this breed to be distinct with the bi-colors only. At that time, we were promised we will not bring the others to the show bench. That’s true. That was, my vote was predicated on that fact. So was mine. So, I think we need to call

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