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this to a question. Can I make a final point? Yes, Darrell. I’ll put this to bed and you won’t hear from me again I don’t think. Joan, when you sit there and you say that we’re going to add these other colors and it’s going to decimate the breed, where do you think this breed has originated from? Where has it been shown and where has it been on the judging bench? In ACFA and TICA before they ever came here. When I was an ACFA judge, I judged all these cats. Those of us who go to Australia, we judge all these cats. To sit there and say we have this color and it’s going to harm the breed, the whole world has these other colors and it has not harmed the breed. We used this same argument for introducing those other colors of Tonkinese and it’s not killed that breed in the last two years. I’ve got to answer that. The whole world also has tortie Abys. We’re not talking about Abys. OK guys. We don’t have time for contests. We’ll bring this to a vote right now. The whole world is not CFA. All those in favor of – what’s the number we’ve got here now? #1. #1 on the Ragdoll breed council. called the motion. Newkirk, Berg, Baugh, Shaffer, Veach voting yes. Garrison, Johnson abstained.

0482 - 0483 - seal point & white 0486 - 0487 - blue point & white and leave:

0480 - 0481 - for all other & white colors including lilac, chocolate, all lynx colors, red, cream, tortie and all van colors

: Since the acceptance of Ragdolls for championship competition, the numbers of Ragdolls competing at CFA cat shows have been steadily increasing. According to the April 2004 issue of the Almanac (see attached documents), a total of 577 Ragdolls competed,

making Ragdolls the 17th most popular breed exhibited. Ragdolls have been present in large numbers of 8 - 10 per class at a number of shows with multiple Grands competing at the breed level as well. We are keen on seeing this tendency continue to progress at a steady pace. In order to allow for a more systematic break-down during the process of elimination during judging, as well as for better enlightened breeding decisions based on show results, Ragdoll breeders feel that the two additional color classes are needed. Because the current trend is for a great proportion of cats being of seal point & white or blue point & white colors, we feel that one color class for each of these is required and that all the other colors be grouped in the current, all-inclusive color class.

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