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#2 is out of order then. No, it’s not. This gives color classes for seal point and white, blue point and white, then all the others of the other and white.

called the motion.

Smoke: white undercoat, deeply tipped with color. Points and mask appear solidly colored, with narrow band of white at base of hairs next to skin which may be seen only when fur is parted. Eye color: blue. Nose leather and paw pads: as appropriate for color and pattern.

Shaded: undercoat white with mantle of colored tipping. Points and mask show shading. Eye color: blue. Nose leather and paw pads: as appropriate for color and pattern.

: Since the start of registrations of Ragdolls by CFA in 1992, there has been only one cat registered using these color class attributions. In fact, this cat was registered prior to championship acceptance, in the ‘open registry’ period. The original intent of the breed committee was to be all inclusive and to provide color classes for all possibilities occurring in the gene pool. The ‘new colors’ of lynx and red had just been introduced in the breed and there was much talk of the silvers possibly having been introduced in the process. There was also a large group of cats that were foundation registered in other registries at this time all colors were possible… However, smoke and shaded colors still have not been accepted by any other registry as part of the accepted colors for the breed. Shaded and Smoke colors are NOT approved for ANY of the currently accepted CFA pointed breeds. In fact, it would be difficult, if not impossible to determine if a pointed cat is exhibiting the result of a fever coat, bad point color or the effect of the inhibitor gene. The only way to determine the actual genetic make-up of such a cat be to breed such a cat to a non-pointed cat and evaluate the non- pointed offspring. This is not a breeding option within the accepted CFA Ragdoll breed standard. We would not want to encourage breeding towards a novelty.

YES: 20

NO: 2

called the motion.

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