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: Like Ragdolls, Siberian cats are long and large, they are of moderate type with no extremes. Being a ‘natural’ breed with origins similar to that of the Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coons, pointed colorations should be incompatible with the nature and survival of this breed in the wild. A review of the registration statistics in the 2004 March Almanac indicates that many color combinations which are possible for this breed may not all be listed, one can see that a few cats of the pointed colors were registered to date. From show records in other associations, and a visit at the Siberian breed booth a couple of years ago, it is obvious that pointed, pointed mitted and pointed with white (bicolors) occur at higher frequency than reflected in the statistics for this breed and that they may actually be used to ‘make’ Ragdolls or Ragdoll look-alikes in their country of origin and elsewhere.

YES: 18

NO: 5

#6 is moving the Siberians into provisional, information only and I think we talked about those two already.

: Ragamuffins were recently accepted in Miscellaneous and still have an ‘open’ registry allowing outcrossing to Ragdolls to occur. Their type, and origins are almost identical to that of Ragdolls at this time. Statistics from the 2004 March edition of the Almanac indicate that 42 of the 101 cats registered with CFA to date are pointed. That is almost HALF of their gene pool… It would be reasonable to assume that the majority of the non-pointed ones are also colorpoint carriers. It is important that these colors and patterns that mimic the Ragdoll be excluded from the show halls, at least until such time that the Ragamuffin type and standard make them separate and readily distinguishable from their parent breed…

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