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At the end of the day, I was struck by the remarkable generosity of Ken and his wife in giving of their time and energy in sharing their home and collection with total strangers. In addition to the regular group gatherings, Ken mentioned that 25 or so individuals just stop by to tour the Temple each year. Ken had given over his whole day to me, patiently endured my inane questions, helped me hunt down glasses that I needed to examine to clarify details of their etching (see the sidebar on documenting the collection), and had allowed me complete access to everything. I dread to think how long it took him to re- align the shots after I’d rummaged through the cases taking measurements for the database!

with other people.” Collectors like Ken Schwartz are a rare breed. If you happen to be in his neck of the woods, drop him a line and set aside a day to stop by and visit. It will be one of the most memorable days of your lives.

The California Antique Bottle Club’s 32nd Annual show takes place on Saturday, Jan 26, 2007, from 9am to 4pm. Contact Mel Hammer, (530-241- 4878) or Phil McDonald (530-243- 6905) for more details. Ken’s open house will be held on Friday evening (January 25), starting at 6 pm. Ken can be contacted at 530-365-5046 for details and directions to his house.

Before I left that evening, Ken and I stood before the walls of amber glass and I commented on the immensity of a collecting vision that would drive him to create a room like this. “Oh I didn’t do it for me,” he explained, “I did it for you. I built it so that I could share the collection

Robin is an enthusiastic collector of pre-pro shot glasses and maintains the collector’s website, www.pre-pro.com. He recently moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta: he can now be contacted at P.O. Box 888503, Atlanta, GA 30356, or via e- mail to oldwhiskey@pre-pro.com.

Bottles and Extras

January-February 2008

All of Ken’s glasses and an expanded version of this article are showcased in Collector’s Corner at www.pre.pro.com (http://www.pre- pro.com/KWS/index.htm). We’re able to feature his collection because he pulled all of his 860+ glasses from their display cases, washed each one and then photographed them for inclusion in the database. The database currently serves as an online reference source for pre-pro shot glass collectors, the goal being to eventually turn it into a book. The results of Ken’s efforts filled a 700 Mb CD- ROM and, after processing them, swelled the main database by over 640 entries (now 3,220+ as of writing). Ken’s effort was unusually heroic. To have your own glasses documented for possible inclusion in the database, please contact the author. Even a single new glass is welcome!


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