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ESRI Certified Introduction to ArcGIS II: Tools and Functionality

Spatial analysis and data management: Buffers; Spatial over- lays; Extracting features for analysis; Analytical methods and tools.

Geocoding and display of locations from tabular data: Ad- dress geocoding; Display of points from x,y coordinates.

Editing: Tools for creating and editing spatial data; Editing attribute data; Spatial adjustment.

Data automation: Data sources; Digitizing; Data conversion.

Project management: Database organization; File and direc- tory naming conventions; Creating and using metadata.

Geoprocessing: Introduction to the Command Line window and the ModelBuilder interface.

Cartography: Advanced symbology and labeling.

ArcGIS software offers many tools for visualizing, creating, man- aging, and analyzing geographic data. In this course, students extend their ArcGIS skills in the areas of cartography, data auto- mation and editing, and geoprocessing and spatial analysis. Stu- dents work with advanced cartographic tools as they learn how to efficiently create effective maps. A major focus of the course is the geodatabase. Students learn database design considerations and techniques for creating, maintaining, and managing GIS data stored in a geodatabase. The ArcGIS geoprocessing tools for spa- tial analysis are also covered and, in a course project, students apply many of their newly acquired skills.

Who Should Attend This course is designed for experienced ArcGIS users who want

to work with the more advanced features of ArcGIS.

Topics Covered

3 days (24 hours)



Those completing this course will be able to:

  • Classify and symbolize data.

  • Create custom symbols, labels, and annotation.

  • Work with map templates.

  • Geocode addresses.

  • List database design considerations.

  • Create and edit metadata.

  • Create a geodatabase and add data to it.

  • Set and use geodatabase validation rules.

  • Create and edit features using a variety of ArcMap editing


  • Describe components of a model.


Students should have completed Introduction to ArcGIS I or Learning ArcGIS Desktop or have equivalent knowledge.

Software Used in Course ArcGIS 9, ArcInfo 9

This course is designed to work with the following software:

ArcGIS Desktop




Location & Cost

GTG Training Center 1202 Parkway Dr. Goldsboro, NC 27534

Cost: $900 for course

Contact Geographic Technologies Group for more information.

Phone: 888.757.4222 Fax: 919.759.0410 E-mail: training@geotg.com Web: www.geotg.com/training

Dates are subject to change, visit www.geotg.com/training for the latest updates.


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