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round food object. The variations themselves follow no distinct pattern. They vary due to culture/country, author and time of publication.

There were two aspects of this research project that were extremely challenging. First, the most daunting task was finding so many different versions of the Gingerbread Man. Many times I felt my research was “out of control” because I kept finding new versions and variants to this tale. Narrowing the focus of the project to incorporate variants of a similar tale type proved difficult. Second, some of versions that I would have preferred to use were hard to find due to the fact they are considered rare finds, old editions or were out of print.

This project could be used to support the use of comparing/contrasting as a strong teaching tool for students’ understanding of story structure. Using a PowerPoint show to present these findings to students, as well as introducing methods of story analysis could expand it. Students could then pick several versions of a story to compare/contrast them with different forms of analysis and create their own presentation.

Other Versions: Traditional, Cultural and Fractured

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