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The Swahili language is spoken along the East Coast of Africa. It is the lingua franca of many coastal nations. The standardized language is called Kiswahili Sanifu. It shares the word kamusi (dictionary) with the Melayu word kamus. Swahili is written in the Latin alphabet.

Bahasa Melayu (lexicon size 61,000, selection September 2009) Bahasa Melayu is the standard language of the Republic of Malaysia. It has a common root with Bahasa Indo- nesia. However, Bahasa Melayu was heavily influenced by the English language while Bahasa Indonesia was influenced by Dutch during the colonial age.

Irish (Gaelic) (lexicon size 325,000, selection August 2007) The Gaelic language is a Celtic language spoken in Western Ireland. A class of words is lenited, pronounced with palatalization. A slightly different variety is spoken in the Highlands of Scotland.

Welsh (lexicon size 435,000, selection August 2013) The Welsh language is the Celtic language of Wales, spoken by about 500,000 people (mainly bilingual in Eng- lish).

Greenlandic (lexicon size 85,000, selection February 2008) is an East Inuit language spoken by 50,000 Greenlanders. The Greenlandic language adds particle to particle to words and leading to a single word sentence. The Latin alphabet is used whereas the Canadian Inuit make use of their own script.

Macedonian (lexicon size 320,000, selection January 2008) The Macedonian language is written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Albanian (lexicon size 110,000, selection February 2006) The Albanian language is written in the Latin alphabet. The Albanians call their language shqip and their country Shqipëria.

Maori (lexicon selection March 2004) The Maori language is spoken in New Zealand and is written in the Latin alphabet. A macron is placed above the vowels to differentiate between long and short vowels.

Xhosa (lexicon size 165,000, selection September 2005) The Xhosa language is spoken in the Republic of South Africa and is written in the Latin alphabet.

Zulu (lexicon size 330,000, selection September 2008) The Zulu language is spoken in the Republic of South Africa and is written in the Latin alphabet.

Arabic (lexicon size ca. 5 million, selection October 2009) The Arab languages have its own script and the orthography is mainly based on consonantal roots. These roots are unfolded to millions of words.

Azerbaijanian (lexicon size 85,000, selection July 2009) Azerbaijanian is written in the Latin alphabet. It has much in common with Turkish.

Hebrew (lexicon size ca. 5.5 million, selection March 2008) The Hebrew language is written in Hebrew characters, mainly consonants. The orthography is based on roots of 3 radicals, which unfolded to millions of words.

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