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International Referred Research Journal, October,2010. ISSN- 0974-2832VoL.II *ISSUE-21

list of technologies in their environments, as well as software development firms that may not know what they’llneedtoinstall next,” sayBuckellew.Additionally, Tivoli Provisioning Manager software provided the security-rich features theorganization neededtoensure that changes to servers were made by only authorized users. “Wedidn’t want test teamsprovisioning servers that werein usebyotherteams,” addsBuckellew. “Tivoli Provisioning Manager helped us control who had access

processes improves operational efficiency, driving expected savings of more than $2 million a year · Leveraging best practices drive greater consistency to help minimize human errors and speed the execution and accuracy of the testing process· Improving the reliability of the testing environment helps testers identify the source of code defects more quickly and retest with confidence· Quality throughstandards-Whatis Quality?

to which servers.”

Qualityis defined bythe customer.Aqualityproduct or

Consistent, cost-effectivesoftware deployment Using Tivoli Provisioning Manager software, Tivoli Development Labshas automatedmore than 800 tasks that wereonce performedmanuallyacross415 systems. Thisincludestasks forallocating andremoving servers

serviceis onethat meetscustomer requirements.Not all customers have the same requirements so two contrasting products may both be seen as quality products by their users.There are three main ways in which a business can create quality:

from the test environment; configuring servers; installing and uninstalling software and patches; and performing bare-metal builds. Doingsohashelped the team minimizehuman errors, such asincorrectlysetting a registryvalue or forgetting to remove an old file that maycause software conflict, and increasethe accuracy of the testing environment.“By employing IBM IT

Market research involves a business in finding out what its customers want andn expect. It can be carried out with a small group of customers, asking them to provide detailed information

ServiceManagementsoftware, we’vebeen abletoeasily implement best practices for software provisioning,” saysBuckellew.“This, in turn, ishelpingusbetter align our testing processes with business goals and significantly improve operational efficiency.” Savings toreach several million dollars The benefits realized through automation of provisioning testing processes and uses of Tivoli Provisioning Manager software have been enormous. The Tivoli Development Labs team reports that Phase 1 of the project resulted in a 94 percent reduction in attended time to provision software, with more than 1,200 person-hours saved over the first seven months ofthe project.Tasksthat oncerequired several hours to perform under constant supervision can now be completed in just five minutes.And by freeing up resources from mundane tasks, testers have more time to focus on product innovation and code quality. Ultimately, the organization estimates that the savings associatedwith maintainingthe test infrastructure will reach morethan$2 million a yearas it expandsuseofthe solution tomore labs. “Faster, unattendedinstalls allow our existing test teams to complete more tests in less time,” says Buckellew.“We can better utilize our resources and cost-effectively deliver high-quality solutions to our customers as a result” Key Components - Software · IBM Tivoli Provisioning

about productsandservices. Theresearch shouldreveal what the customer’viewof qualityis and whether they are gettingit. Obtaininglots ofinformation froma small panel ofcustomersiscalled qualitativeresearch. Market research can also be carried out with large numbers of customers through questionnaires.This is called quantitative research. Working to best practice standards is another way an organization can create quality. IBM works with industryspecialists tocreatethese standards. For example, it deliversthe con idence of customers in a business through BS 7799.This is the standard for a company’s management of information security. IBM developed thisstandard in 1995 toestablish best practice for capturing, storing and handling data.This British Standard became the basis for the International Standard ISO/IEC17799. Todaycompanies worldwide are seeking certi ication for their securitymanagement systems. Why isquality important? The most successful organizations are those that give customers what theywant. Satisfied customersareloyal to those suppliers they feel best understand their requirements. As a result they will make repeat purchases and will recommend a business to their friends. There are two main types of customers for a business: · endcustomers -people likeyou andme, lookingtobuy an iPod or plasma screen television · organizational customers - for example, a company recording audio

Manager Server

CDswould buyin blankCDs, recordmusic tothem and sell them on as a finished product. When you buy a

· IBMSystem x™ running RedHat Linux®

piece of electrical equipment, you will want to know a

On Demand Business Benefits· Automating manual lot of information about its specification.Obvious



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