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made from her own house, but when she phoned home her family said nobody had called her. Minutes later she received another phone call, also supposedly from her house, and this time a man apparently said, “Stop de- fending those stinking Indians you bitch or we will kill you.”

A few minutes later she received another phone call, this time from the Embassy of Uruguay, asking for confirmation that Gabriel Mazzarovich, who is a Uru- guayan citizen, had died. Two Uruguayan newspapers had apparently reported his death. The news was unfounded, and Amnesty International believes the stories were placed in the newspapers to intimidate Gabriel Mazzarovich. Marielos Monzón and Gabriel Mazzarovich are colleagues on the radio program “Good morning with Marielos Monzón,” broadcast on Radio Universidad station, which is based in Guatemala City.

Radio Universidad had recently broadcast two special programs on the violence that took place during demonstrations against CAFTA. Protesters were alleg- edly violently repressed by the units of the police and the army during demonstrations in the municipality of Colotenango, department of Huehuetanango, in the north- east of the country, and the capital, Guatemala City. At least one protester was killed and approximately ten in- jured. (See “Protests against CAFTAContinue” below.)

Journalist from Zacapa Reports Threats 3/28/05 - Journalist JUAN CARLOS AQUINO, host of the local newscast Punto Informativo, has received death threats due to his reports of corruption and abuse of power in the municipal administration in Zacapa, di- rected by Elder Vargas, of the Civic Committee ElTuno.

According toAquino, he received a threat over the telephone on March 8 from someone who warned him that he would die if he continued to make public claims about corruption in the municipal administration.

On March 21 and 22, after circulating informa- tion about the existence of ghost positions in the munici- pality meant to facilitate embezzlement, he received two calls in which the individual indicated that if he continued to talk about the corruption he would be killed.

Anti-Mining Group Reports Death Threats 3/30/05 - The National FrontAgainst Mining (FNRM) reported that DomingaVasquez, the indigenous mayor of Sololá, her husbandAlfonso Guarquez, a journalist, and his brother Carlos Guarquez, a staff member of the Maya

Vol 17 No 7


Foundation, are receiving threats and intimidations due to their work resisting detrimental mining activities in Guate- mala.

On the night of March 25, in the village of El Tabón, Sololá, unknown persons attempted to burn the vehicle Carlos Guarquez used at the Maya Foundation. Left behind were flyers that read “The same will happen to you Mr. Carlos Humberto for interfering in these stu- pid social issues, tomorrow will be your day to disappear from this world. Every pig eventually gets slaughtered, also Ms. Dominga [Vasquez] and her husbandAlfonso Guarquez.”

The FNRM believes this act is part of a larger plot by the present government to criminalize movements that resist current neo-liberal policies. (See UrgentAc- tion insert for details.)

2005: Twelve Judges Threatened 3/23/05 - After the March 21 murder of Justice of the Peace of de San Pedro Ayampuc, José Antonio Cruz Hernández, theAssociation of Judges and Magistrates announced that so far in 2005 twelve justice workers have received death threats.


Mining Company Guards Kill Campesino 3/29/05 - Two Guatemalan security workers for the Marlin Project of the Montana Mining Company, a sub- sidiary of the Canadian-US company Glamis Gold Ltd., killed campesino ALVARO BENIGNO the night of March 13 in San Miguel Ixtahuacan municipality, San Marcos department, according to the CampesinoWorkers Move- ment (MTC), a local community-based organization.

Witnesses said Benigno was returning home after attending a choral concert in the parish church when Ludwin Waldemar Calderon and Guillermo Lanuza, work- ers for the Grupo Golan company, which provides secu- rity for the Marlin Project, came out of a bar, went to Alvaro Benigno, and hit him. A scuffle ensued, and Calderon shot Benigno five or six times with a handgun. He was taken to the National Hospital in Huehuetenango, where he died.

Since the crime, the manager of the Grupo Golan company telephoned the family of the victim a number of times to offer them money in an attempt to keep the news quiet and so that the family does not begin a legal process

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