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Church Council

The Church Council of the McGaheysville United Methodist Church met on May 3, 2010 with 13 members present.  Highlights of the meeting are as follows:

The treasurer gave a report of $3,084.16 in general fund and $12,889.36 in building fund.

Finance – We made a profit of $1,343.85 on the yard sale.  It was put in the kitchen fund toward the renovations.  We still owe $51,117.63 on the parsonage.

PPR – Pastor David requested and was approved for a sabbatical leave July 5-August 2.  

Council on Ministries – recent meeting went well. Copies of the minutes will be emailed.

Trustees – Jerry Swimley gave a report of projects finished or in progress.  A workday is planned for May 8th to do some of the outside projects and start on the kitchen.  He looked at a house next to us that is for sale.  They are asking $90,000.  It needs a lot of work or possibly tear down for parking.  Nothing was decided.  The locks on all of the doors have been changed.  Jerry talked to Mike Holmes about the sound system.  It needs to be moved to be more effective.

The pastor gave his report.  The copier is working better now that only a few people are using it.   Sherri Miles is taping the services, but we need a video camera equipped for sound.  The pastor is exploring some options.  

We need new leaders for the youth in the fall.  It may be possible to get a college student to help coordinate the program.

Council approved a new Vision and Mission statement presented by the Church Planning Team.

Council approved Mike Earman working with Owen to take over the treasurer’s job.  

Jim Worley shared a letter from the District Committee on the Superintendency asking for a monetary donation to help with the gift for the retiring superintendent. The celebration will be at Dayton UMC on June 6th from 3-5pm.  

Old toys and equipment have been cleaned out of the nursery.  A rocking chair and kitchen set are needed to bring it up to date.  There is money in the budget to cover most of this.

Reminder: Newsletter input is due to the church office secretary the week after each Church Council meeting.  Next newsletter deadline will be July 18th for August and September news.

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