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From the Pastor’s Pen…

“The one with 5 talents went at once and put his money to work…His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many.  Come and share your master’s happiness.”  Matthew 25: 16,23

My dear friends,

I recently read a story, and it went something like this:

An engineer, a psychologist and a theologian were hunting in the wilds of Canada.  After a while, they became cold, and they came across an isolated cabin.  Presuming the owner would be hospitable and, because of the bitter cold, they entered the cabin.  It was a small 2 room, rather ordinary cabin, except that there was a large pot-bellied stove suspended in mid air by wires attached to the ceiling beams.

Each man had his theory about the stove.  The psychologist said that the lonely trapper had suspended his stove so that he can get under it, curl up in a fetal position, and return to his mother’s womb.  The engineer said that the trapper had put the laws of physics to use, and that elevating the stove made for more efficient heat distribution.  The theologian said the trapper had hung the stove as a religious symbol.  The fire, lifted up, is a symbol of the nearness and active presence of God, which helps the trapper cope with his loneliness.

The three debated this until the trapper returned.  When asked, he simply said, “I had lots of wire and not enough pipe.”

The trapper had simply been making the most of what he had.  I believe that God gives us many gifts also; more than most of us even realize.  So, knowing that, how are you using what God has given to you?  We spend a lot of time in life making excuses and bemoaning what we don’t have, don’t we?  So much so, that sometime we actually end up missing much of what we do have.

This is true for churches too.  For years we have tried not to moan over missing pieces, such as having enough parking, having a larger facility, having more teachers and leaders, etc.  We have tried not to complain about talents that were not represented in our congregation and we have tried to recognize the ones that were present.  Even at our best, I am not sure we have always used what God has given us as creatively as we should have.  Therefore, in this anniversary year, I pray that you will celebrate what has been and what might be.  But don’t forget to celebrate what is and then use it!

Let’s join together as we use the gifts that God has given us with the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

In His love


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