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Medicare-Medicaid Law and Regulations sections in the print are located under the menu item Laws and Regulations for the CD and/or Internet subscribers.

Volume 4 includes the full text of the Social Security Act pertain- ing to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Volume 5 contains the relevant regulations. Extensive historical notes are provided for the sections of law included, and source notes are given for the regulations.

Current Reports CD and internet subscribers have access to Re- port Letter Summaries from 1997 forward. Hyperlinks are added to allow the researcher access the cited full text document.

Current Reports, consecutively numbered and issued 50 weeks per year, contain updates to the explanations and the full text of recently published documents related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

  • e information in each Report is coordinated with the contents of the

loose-leaf Guide and arranged so new pages may replace existing pages or be added to the contents of the Guide. In addition, each Report begins with a summary (Report Letter) of the new developments and instructions for the filing of new pages, as well as news stories cover- ing the significant Medicare and Medicaid related events of the week. Documents that are included in each Report appear in the Current Developments divisions, with appropriate references to paragraphs where earlier materials on the same topic appear in the subject matter divisions. Anything that is added to the print Guide each week also is added to the internet versions of the Guide.

Special Reports and Extra Editions are sent to CD and in- ternet subscribers in print as well as being available within DDUs as they are issued.

In addition to the regular weekly Reports, or as part of a regular Report, subscribers with the texts (including Congressional Com- mittee Reports) of federal legislation, regulations, and reports concerning Medicare or Medicaid.

Using the print Guide and current reports Research Tools

  • e CCH Medicare and Medicaid Guide contains a number of

research tools for locating pertinent material. ese are, principall , theTopical Indexes, the Finding Lists, and theTable of Contents— all identified on the guide card “tabs”.

  • e basic approach is from the Topical Indexes to the subject

matter divisions and from the subject matter divisions to the annotations, where paragraph references lead to the full text of current items in the Current Developments division. is “topical approach” involves two basic steps (note that each subject division begins with a detailed table of contents and that the topics of interest can be located easily by using the table of contents):

What to do first …

  • e first step is to locate the topic in which you are interested in

one of the “Topical Indexes” in Volume 1. ere are three separate

Topical Indexes, one relating to Medicare, one to Medicaid, and one to PRRB decisions. In all the Topical Indexes, you will find each topic listed alphabeticall , with paragraph (¶) number references to the particular item being researched.

As you read the explanatory material at the indicated para- graphs, be sure to review the annotations that follow.

You should always try to reduce your research topic to its essentials— a key word or words—before consulting the ap- propriate index. Appropriate cross-references direct you to the main index entry.

What to do next …

After looking at the explanations and related annotations, check for new developments by consulting the finding list division for Current Developments in Volume 6, which contains the Topical Index to Current Developments. Other finding aids in this division are a list of pamphlets currently sent to subscribers.

Topical Index to Current Developments—Like the Medicare and Medicaid Indexes in Volume 1, the Topical Index to Cur- rent Developments is arranged by topic, and references are to Guide ¶ numbers. e entries will refer you to paragraph numbers in the Current Developments divisions. ere also will be references to special reports (pamphlets) that have been issued to cover new laws, regulations, etc.

If you know the name of a court decision, you can locate the full text of the case through the Case Table.

References are to paragraph numbers

Paragraph numbers arrange the contents of each volume and of the current Reports. ey are enclosed in brackets [ex. ¶6001] to distinguish them from official law, regulations, and manual section numbers, which are always included with official texts.

  • ese numbers, preceded by a paragraph sign (¶), designate

each topic and subtopic. Paragraph numbers also appear on the outside corner at the bottom of each page. References throughout the Guide are paragraph numbers rather than page numbers.

Page numbers appear at the top outside corner of each page. Page numbers establish the sequence of pages in the volume and are used primarily for the filing of new pages in the Guide.

Internet Research Checklist Browsing a publication/database

  • 1.

    Click on the Publication/Database title.

  • 2.

    Keep clicking on subsequent menu headings until you

get to a document. Searching for words or phrases

  • 1.

    On a library tab, click the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to search (be sure to include any Current Developments).

  • 2.

    Type your search terms in the box on the navigation bar.


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