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How to Use Medicare and Medicaid Guide



Retrieve Volume 1 Table of Contents to locate the Volume that contains the Regulations. It is Volume 5.

Log into the Internet Research Network (IRN).

Retrieve Volume 5 and, using the regulation citations along the bottom of the page, locate the Regulation.

Place a checkmark in the laws and regulations menu box.

The Regulation is at page 25,601 and paragraph 22,188.20.

Click on Find by Citation and enter the citation.Then click on Search.

Locate the end of the Regulation and the .01 source notes for the specific Federal Register (FR) that occurred during the time of the transaction in

Once the document is on the screen, scroll to the bottom of the document to review the .01 Sourcefor the history of regulato-

question. It is 57 FR 3298.

ry changes, and specifically those that occurred during the time of the transaction in question.

RetrieveVolume 6 and go to theTable of Contents for the Federal Register documents.This Federal Register cite was reported at paragraph 39,799. The Federal Register tab’s finding list for adopted regulations shows this was in the 1992-1 Transfer binder.

Highlight the FR citation you want to review and click on Find by Citation; the Quick Link Box will contain the citation and retrieve the document.

Retrieve the Transfer Binder and re- view the paragraph.

Review the documents, save them to a Research Folder for later ac- cess, or e-mail/save to a file.

For how many days will Medicare cover nursing home stays for post-hospitalization stays in SNFs (skilled nursing facilities)?



RetrieveVolume 1 and go to theTopi- Log into the Internet Research

cal Index.


Locate the entry for SNF and the sub- Place a checkmark in the Explana-

topic duration of covered stays.

tion and Annotations menu line.

Go to paragraph 1389 in Volume 1.

Use Boolean as the search meth- od and go to Search Tools and turn off relevance.

Retrieve Volume 6 and go to the Cu- Type SNF w/par post hospital w/ mulative Indextodetermine if any new par stay. This search retrieved 10

documents have been reported.

documents. Open document 5, Duration of Covered Extended

Care Services.

In additiontothe explanation, ad- ditional research can be done by following the Smart Relate links.

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