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Nitz Family

In the 1980s, when Duffie Miller was in his 80s, he would come down to the Elk City post office every afternoon at precisely 1:30 p.m. to get his mail. He was so dependable that Betty, the Postmaster, would worry if he didn’t show up on time, and would send someone to check on him.

In those days, the Nitz family dog, “SirCat,” would come across the street to the post office every afternoon just before Duffie was scheduled to arrive. The dog would wait for Duffie, and when he would drive up, the dog would come to the car door so Duffie could get ahold of its fur. Then the dog would assist the old man into the post office.

One time the postal inspector had made a surprise visit, and found the dog in the post office at Betty’s feet. This was against postal regulations and Betty was a little worried that he might report this infraction. The inspector asked whose dog this was, and Betty told him it was “just the town dog – he hangs around a lot.” Right then, Duffie drove up and Betty told the inspector to watch what happened. The dog immediately went outside to Duffie’s car and assisted the old man into the post office. The inspector never reported this serious breach of regulations ….

When Wayne and Betty were young, there were a lot more elk in the Elk City and Red River areas. It was common to see 200 head in each meadow during the winter, and large herds would feed at the haystacks. We’re lucky to see a half dozen now. Wayne and Betty feel that the elk herds have been reduced greatly by poachers in recent years, and by poor management by Idaho Fish & Game. In particular, they feel that too many elk permits – especially bull licenses – are being sold to hunters. They also feel that seasons should be shorter, that you should be required to choose your weapon ahead of time, and that the herds would benefit greatly from a complete moratorium on elk hunting in this region for a few years.

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