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Precise and intelligent flow measurement

Why the right flow sensor matters. Flow sensors are not just another accessory. The right choice can make a big difference in the performance of your ventilation equipment and the delivery of numerous key measurements.

When you chose anesthesia or critical care ventilation devices from Dräger, you are choosing one of the world's leading manufacturers in this field. Should not the same quality and performance standards be applied to your flow sensors?

Original accessories from Dräger meet the same standards of performance and safety you enjoy with your Dräger equipment. We have been developing and manufacturing flow sensors for decades and our complete family of flow sensors – Spirolog, sensors for neonatal applica- tions and the new SpiroLife – reflects the experience and expertise we have gained in this field. All our flow sensors make use of tried and tested hot-wire anemometer technology, which supplies ultra-fast and true measurements, in combination with a very low inspiratory and expiratory resistance. You only need one flow sensor for all your patients – except for the specific needs of neonates in critical care,

and this is the application for Babylog sensors.

The new highlight in the flow measure- ment field is the Infinity ID Flowsensor. It uses RFID* technology and offers you the additional benefit of an integrated com- patibility control.

This feature of the Infinity ID Flowsensors checks if the sensor is compatible with the device you are using it with.

The new Infinity ID Flowsensor is compa- tible with nearly all Dräger anesthesia and ventilation devices. The compatibility con- trol feature can be activated on all Infinity Acute Care Systems devices with integrat- ed RFID module.

Whichever flow sensor you choose from Dräger, you can be sure you have made the right choice.

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    RFID: Radio Frequency Identification





Infinity® ID Flowsensor

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