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CP have introduced the Plug and Tighten concept of tools to the market. Defining the next generation of assembly tools within the electric tool industry, the Plug & Tighten range offers complete accuracy with both torque + angle.

CP offers a complete range of Transducerized Electric Brushless Fastening Systems for safety and critical joints. All intelligent tools are available in: - Right angle, handheld tools, pistol and in-line handheld tools from 0.2 to 400Nm (0.15 to 295 ft.lb); Fixture spindles: 0.2 to 3000Nm (0.15 to 2211 ft.lb). Several controllers cover all tightening strategies and communicate through Ethernet and Fieldbuses.

The CP Torque measuring systems have been designed to check calibration of your fastening tools. A complete range of Torque or Torque+Angle transducers can be connected to Sigma or Delta data collectors. An advanced PC software collects results and trace, and perform statistics to ISO or NF standards

CP Battery Tools offers unbeatable manoeuvrability in two ranges of cordless tools: - Impact tools from 14 to 325 Nm (10.32 to 240 ft.lb) for high torque quick tightenings without torque reaction - Screwdriver tools from 1.5 to 12 Nm (1.1 to 8.8 ft.lb) for an excellent tightening accuracy in heavy duty design.

CP’s ‘other tools’ range encompasses all other products around customer applications including compressors, tools holster, balancing arms, balancers, sockets...

CP offers a wide range of tools for Material Removal Applications - whether it be chipping, scaling, grinding, sanding, finishing, in continuous production, for maintenance and repair operations, or Vehicle Service applications, CP has a solution for your material removal needs.

CP offer a comprehensive range of Drilling and Tapping tools. Whether the application demands manual or automated drilling/tapping, we have the answer. Furthermore, a wide range of specialized Air and Spacecraft angle drills & semi-fixtured feed drills ensure CP has a tool for virtually every application.


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