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ACTRA Apprentice Membership

ACTRA is the union representing professional performers in English-language recorded media in Canada. Our members work in films, television programs, radio and television commercials and digital media. Signatory producers engage ACTRA members because they want professionals. To join ACTRA you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. ACTRA members cannot work on non-union productions. Consider the commitments involved before you join ACTRA.

ACTRA negotiates and enforces agreements with producers, studios, TV, radio and cable networks that set out minimum fees and working conditions for performers.

  • ACTRA ensures members have a safe work environment

  • ACTRA ensures members are paid for both their work and the future use of their image

  • ACTRA administers an industry-leading insurance and retirement plan for performers

  • ACTRA provides training and professional development opportunities

  • ACTRA ensures that performers behave professionally on set

ACTRA’s Apprentice Program allows performers who are new to ACTRA to work on ACTRA sets and earn credits toward full membership.

How to qualify

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    Land a qualifying role in a production under ACTRA’s jurisdiction. Qualifying credits include:

    • a contracted Principal or Actor role shot under the IPA (Independent Production Agreement). The IPA covers work on film, television series, industrial videos, MOWs and digital media.

    • a contracted Principal or SOC commercial role shot under the Commercial Agreement.

    • a speaking role under one of our broadcast agreements (e.g. CBC, Citytv, CTV, etc.).

    • off-camera voice work in ACTRA’s jurisdiction. You must be a full or Apprentice member to do radio commercials in ACTRA’s jurisdiction.

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    Once you get the role, buy a work permit from ACTRA Toronto’s membership department and advise that you want to register as an Apprentice member. You pay a yearly Apprentice fee of $75 and will be asked to attend an orientation session for new Apprentice members.

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    Once you join the Apprentice Program, you need two more qualifying credits for a total of three to become a full member of ACTRA. There is no time limit between joining the Apprentice Program and becoming a full member so long as you maintain your Apprentice membership and pay your annual fees.

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    In addition to the three qualifying credits, all applicants for full membership who are 16 or older must attend and complete the ACTRA Toronto Member Training Intensive course. The course costs $200 and is available throughout the year. For more information contact Stephanie Stevenson at sstevenson@actratoronto.com or visit www.actratoronto.com.

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    When you purchase your third work permit you must apply for full membership by completing a full member application form, paying your initiation fee ($1600 minus permit fees paid to date for qualifying credits minus the Membership Training Intensive fee if it has already been paid) and annual dues ($195 prorated to the current month).

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    Attend a full members’ meeting. You are now a full ACTRA member. You will receive your membership card in the mail.

Get credit for education ACTRA Apprentice members can earn one additional credit through education. If you graduated from an ACTRA-recognized accredited degree, diploma or certificate-granting institution with a concentration in acting performance, you may be eligible to receive one credit. Contact the ACTRA membership department to see if your institution is recognized by ACTRA.

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