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NOTE: If the nature or scope of work or area conditions change, or if any unique or unplanned hazards arise, the affected work must be halted until this AHA can be evaluated by its endorsers.

NOTE: Stop Work Activity - All employees and sub-contractors have the authority and responsibility to stop any work that is judged to be immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH). (SSP-8715- 0001, Section 2.8.1)

NOTE: Accident Reporting - A NASA Mishap Report (Form 1627) is required for all incidents (including first aid) and close calls within the first 24 hours of any accident. Notification of Security and the NASA SSC S&MA Construction Safety Manager is required immediately after any incident. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 6.7)

NOTE: Confined Space Entry - The NASA SSC Confined Space Permit shall be used. Contact the Construction and Contracting Officer Technical Representative for a confined space permit. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.2)

NOTE: Hot Work - A hot work permit shall be requested from the SSC Fire Department for any activity where there is a source of ignition. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.4)

NOTE: Safe Atmospheric Verifications - Prior to any work being done in a hazardous or a potentially hazardous atmosphere i.e. Confined Space, Process Safety Management Covered Processes, a competent person shall perform all necessary atmospheric tests using a properly calibrated instrument. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 5.4)

NOTE: Lightning Alerts - Lightning warnings will be announced when lightning is detected within (5) miles of SSC. All personnel must seek shelter in approved locations. Operations under way at the time will be secured and personnel will seek shelter.

(SSP-8715-0001, Section 3.5)

NOTE: Trenches/Excavation - All trenching/excavation work deeper than 12 inches requires a dig permit. All trenches/excavations deeper than (4) feet with personnel entering, the dig permit shall be reviewed and approved by the SSC representative. All trenches/excavations shall be evaluated to determine if they will meet the classification of a permit-required confined space. The dig permit is valid only when all required signatures are present on the form. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.25)

NOTE: Personal Protective Equipment - Minimum PPE requirements on construction sites shall be hard hat, safety glasses with side shields and safety footwear. Goggles, face shields, protective clothing and other PPE shall be worn in accordance with activity and requirements. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.3)

NOTE: Electrical Safety - A lock and tag are required when servicing or maintaining equipment where the unexpected release of energy could result in injury to personnel, facilities or the environment. Work on or near live electrical equipment requires an electrical permit. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.7)

NOTE: Fall Protection - Fall protection is required for all work areas above six (6) feet in height. A safety monitoring system is not an acceptable fall protection system for small low slopped/ flat roofs at SSC. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.9)

NOTE: Material Safety Data Sheets - Contractors shall provide to SSC all MSDS for materials that are brought on SSC property. MSDS must be available for review at the job site. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.12)

NOTE: Scaffolding - All scaffolding must be inspected by NASA Safety prior to initial use and by the contractor's scaffold competent person prior to every shift using SSC's tagging system. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.28)

NOTE: Traffic Control Plan - A traffic control plan shall be submitted to NASA Safety for review when working within 15 feet of a traveled roadway. (SSP-8715-0001, Section 2.9.1)

NOTE: Communication Devices - Use of a communication device (cell phone, radio) by the driver of any vehicle is prohibited unless the vehicle is safely parked or the driver is using a hands-free device. (SSP-8715-0001, Section 2.9.1)

NOTE: All Contract personnel shall have completed NASA safety orientation. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 6.3.1)

NOTE: A list of all contractor chemicals and matching MSDS sheets shall be submitted to the IH Department by the Project Manager for review before work starts. Seven working days notice is preferred. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.12)

NOTE: Disposal of waste and debris must be coordinated with NASA SSC's Environmental Service Department.

(SCWI-8715.0008, Section 9.16)

NOTE: Failure to observe any of these rules or industry standards and regulations may result in immediate and permanent discharge from the job site. (SCWI-8715.0008, Section 6.2)


Mishap Exposure Reports - Mishap Exposure Reports shall be completed by each contractor and subcontractor after the close of each calendar month.

SSC-814 1/2010 (Informed Designer 4.2)

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