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Bellevue School District Fiscal Advisory Committee Additional Budget Suggestions

  • 1.

    Have all staff from top to bottom take a one percent pay cut. I personally would be willing to do this.

  • 2.

    Theatres have corporate sponsors. They don’t have input into the shows or programming but they pay to be sponsors and their name is announced before all shows. What company wouldn’t want to be associated with one of the top school districts in the country? We could post their names on our websites as official sponsors of the Bellevue School District. We could also sell the naming rights to our four school athletic fields and five school performing arts centers. Response: Current Board policy does not permit the District to sell naming rights to District facilities.

  • 3.

    Recommend we consider a mix of furloughs and headcount cuts, will save good people and spread the pain of cutbacks.

  • 4.

    Has the district applied for "Investing in Innovation" (i3) funds from the feds? Grants of up to $50MM are available, assume Bellevue has several innovative projects that could be scaled up.

  • 5.

    Recommend we push the envelope on what qualifies for funding under the Technology and Capital Projects levy.

  • 6.

    A suggestion or item I would like looked into for the future is text books vs. consumables. At Phantom Lake Elementary our fifth grades classrooms have far exceeded their copy budgets due to the high number of items that need to be photocopied. I believe as a district we chose this route rather than buying work books. Has anyone truly calculated the cost of this choice. Just last week an entire box (the one that copy paper comes in) was filled with photocopies from the Copy Center for two classrooms and their current lessons. Surely, this can’t be good for our bottom line, our copy machines or our environment.

  • 7.

    Another thought I had and/or wondered about is release days for teachers. When a teacher is released for classes or staff development we are paying that persons salary and a substitutes salary. Can any of these days be transitioned into evenings or Wednesday afternoons where a substitute would not be required? This would save payroll cost but I think the bigger “savings” may be seen in the uninterrupted classroom and the lack of impact on students and their emotional well being.

  • 8.

    Free up Bellevue School’s Foundation to pay more money for student programs by reducing or eliminating the ILT training now provided.

  • 9.

    Release days for teachers piloting new k5 literacy curriculum, or any other funding for a new literacy curriculum, should not come out of the general fund.

  • 10.

    Set building thermostats at 68 degrees (instead of the survey option of 70 degrees) and Reduce building temperatures beyond those mentioned in the survey.

  • 11.

    Parking fees for students could be increased beyond the $100 listed as a survey option.

  • 12.

    Eliminate the print shop, outsource this noncore function & Outsourcing custodial, maintenance,

food service, and/or transportation

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