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Bellevue School District Fiscal Advisory Committee Additional Budget Suggestions

  • 13.

    Eliminate ongoing bonus compensation to Board Certified teachers (input forms indicate $3500/yr)

  • 14.

    Shift medical costs to users by increasing copays, deductibles and spouse coverage – this will not only have current year cost savings, but reduced claims do results in lower renewal rates. Shifting medical costs to users also increases personal responsibility for health care choices.

  • 15.

    Software monitoring system that automatically shuts down computers after a period of nonuse

  • 16.

    Decrease water usage (check where we are spending the most on water and see if water consumption can be decreased, such as watering lawns less frequently during the summer when schools are not in session)

  • 17.

    Rent out school buildings more aggressively (during the school year and summer break)

  • 18.

    Ask Microsoft to see if they have technology products that can help the school district become more

efficient in our management and use of materials and resources

19. Since money to buy buses does not come out of the General Fund, replace current buses with more energy efficient ones

  • 20.

    Implement 6 period days but offer electives that do not have class daily

  • 21.

    Freeze on all new curriculum purchases (and an actual, accurate amount of money that this would


  • 22.

    Freeze on spending for ILT and all of the related expenses (guest speakers, release time, leadership funds)

  • 23.

    Other staff development cutbacks, anything involving release days should be looked at and given an estimate of the savings

  • 24.

    Consideration of moving some of curriculum department teachers back to the classroom (won't save money necessarily, but will help in class size issues) and reclassification of some curriculum department people into positions called district department chairs or something similar.

  • 25.

    Consider using Metro to transport middle school students.

  • 26.

    Raise parking fees to $1 a day, or $180 dollars per year. This is still less than the $300 a year that Seattle public highschools are charging for parking. A dollar a day is a bargain!

  • 27.

    Parents of youngsters in drama, debate, chess club, and other nonsports clubs that use school facilities should pay for the use of the school facility after school hours at a reasonable rate. For example, in drama where a large space is used, it might be $100 per participant. For chess club where a single classroom is used, it might be $25 per year per participant. This represents a contribution to the cost of heating, lighting and cleaning the space used.

28. Differentiated staffing and resources for schools depending on needs

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