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Terminal Programming

Use the following procedure to select any option included in the terminal group:


  • 1.

    From the SETTING menu, select “8 TERMINAL.”

    • The TERMINAL menu will appear.

  • 2.

    Select any option from the following options list:

    • MACHINE# (Use the numeric entry) Machine number (max. 6 digits: 0 to 999999)

    • CONSECUTIVE# (Use the numeric entry) Enter a number (max. 4 digits: 0 to 9999) that is one less than the desired starting number.

    • BILL NUMBER (Use the numeric entry) Enter a number (max. 4 digits: 0 to 9999) that is the desired starting number.

  • DRAWER ALARM (Use the numeric entry)

Alarm length of time with drawer opening (0 to 255 seconds)

  • Your POS terminal starts to monitor how long the drawer is kept open the moment the drawer is

opened at the end of a transaction in the REG/VOID mode. It stops the time monitoring when a valid k e y ( e x c e p t t h e , ß , a n d r k e y s ) i s p r e s s e d f o r t h e n e x t t r a n s a c t i o n . I t r e s t a r t s t h e t monitoring after that transaction is ended. You can stop the buzzer alarm by closing the drawer. No i m e

key entries can be made while the buzzer is sounding. If the number “0” is entered, this function will be


  • SCREEN SAVE (Use the numeric entry) Screen save mode timer (max. 2 digits: 0 to 99 minutes) If the number “0” is entered, the POS terminal will turn the display off after 100 min., if it remains idle.


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