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14 Operator Maintenance

In Case of Power Failure

When power is lost, the POS terminal retains its memory contents and all information on sales entries.

  • When power failure is encountered in POS terminal idle state or during an entry, the POS terminal returns to the normal state of operation after power recovery.

  • When power failure is encountered during a printing cycle, the register prints “========” and then carries out the correct printing procedure after power recovery. (See the sample print.)

In Case of Printer Error

If the printer runs out of paper, the printer will stall, and “PAPER EMPTY” will appear on the display. Key entries will not be accepted. Referring to “Installing and Removing the Paper Roll” in this chapter, install a

new paper roll in the proper position, then press the and resume printing.

L key. The printer will print the power failure symbol

I f t h e p r i n t h e a d c o m e s u p , t h e p r i n t e r s t a l l s , a n d H E A D U P w i l l a p p e a r o n t h e d i s p l a y . K e y e n t r i e s w i l l n o t be accepted. Bring back the print head to the correct position, then press the L key. The printer will print

the power failure symbol and resume printing.

Thermal Printing

Your POS terminal prints by means of thermal printing. The print head applies heat to thermal paper which is chemically treated to change color when heated to a certain level. This creates the printed text.

Cautions in handling the printer

Printing position

  • If you are not going to use the POS terminal for an extended period of time, pull the print head release lever toward you so that the print head is set apart from the plate.

Head-up position

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