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Starting the Day With Sport

Many Vietnamese workers parti- cipate in some form of sporting activity at four or five o' clock in the morning. Thúy Há Nguén, a sports journalist on the English Language Vietnam News, is no exception

For Thúy Há Nguén, starting the day with a game of bad- minton is as natural as brushing her teeth. In fact, half an hour in the badminton court is generally the first thing she does after finishing her bathroom duties. And she does not lack playing partners – her mother, father, brother, neig- hbours and friends all follow the same routine.

Similar morning schedules exist for many thousands of Vi- etnamese, who take over Hanoi's parks early in the morning to warm themselves up before starting work. »Exercise is an excellent start for a long, deskbound working day in front of the computer,« says Thúy Há Nguén.

Despite the fact that she is a competent badminton player, she rarely plays in tournaments. The same applies to tennis, which once in a while replaces badminton as her pre- ferred morning exercise. On the tennis court she plays with three or four friends – but, as with badminton, they do not play structured matches. When the points are not counted, there can be no winners nor losers.

Thúy Há Nguén has previously been a member of a ten- nis club, but as membership entailed playing matches, her involvement was short-lived She prefers to play for her own health and well being.

In fact, sports results only begin to matter when she arrives at the editorial desk of the Vietnam News in central Hanoi. Here, she helps to produce four daily pages of results and re- ports focusing on both national and international sport. Such a task demands sports journalists are at the peak of their form.



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