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Armageddon Empires

Screen Shot 3

within the base garrison represented by the army icon with your symbol and the number “1” (Screen Shot 3 ). You now left click on the army icon and the “View Army” interface will appear(Screen Shot 4 ). Clicking on the “Create Army” button at the top of the screen brings up a dialogue box that allows you to enter the new army’s name. You enter the name “Recon Alpha” and press the “Create” button. The cost of creating the new army is 3 Action Points and you notice that they have been deducted from your Action Point total. You now left click on the “Garrison” text in the

left side panel and then left click on your Imperial Recon card and drag it over the unit info text for “Recon Alpha” and release the card with the cursor over the army to which you wish to transfer the card, in this case “Recon Alpha.” You then close out the Army

Screen Shot 5

Display Viewer by left clicking on the “Close” button . Now that you have created your army you will want to move it out around the game board in the hopes of discovering new resources or specials that grant you resources or cards. You right click on the gold army symbol and an options pad appears. Observing the pad (Screen Shot 5), you notice that a stealth icon appears next to the army’s name. This indicates that you can engage stealth mode for this army. The cost in Action Points is displayed by the red icon with the number “1” next to the stealth icon. This might be a good idea since the army is weak and the stealth ability will allow it reconnoiter the area a little more safely. Left click on the text with the army’s name and the stealth icon and stealth mode will be engaged. Next you right click on the army icon again and notice that the stealth icon has disappeared. In its place is the option to “Destealth Recon Alpha.”You could select this to move the army back out of stealth mode. You also notice the movement option for “Recon Alpha” has reappeared. The text is black indicating that the army has not moved this turn and enough Action Points are available to conduct a movement operation. The movement cost in Action Points is displayed by the red icon next to the name with the number “1.” You also notice a circular light

Screen Shot 4

brown icon with the number “4” inside it. This indicates the

Movement Points available to the army for moving on the map. Moving into a tile costs movement points. Yellow edged tiles cost 1 movement point, light brown edges cost 2 and dark brown cost 3 movement points. When you left click on the movement

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