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Screen Shot 6

option the army icon will jump to your mouse cursor and the tiles will highlight indicating valid hex locations for movement. Your origin hex will be highlighted in orange (Screen Shot 6). Valid adjacent hexes will be highlighted in green. You will have to left click the mouse cursor with the attached army icon into one of these to move the unit. Hexes that you potentially can reach upon moving to an adjacent green hex are highlighted in yellow. You move your unit around the map two hexes and suddenly a dialogue box pops up indicating you have stumbled upon a

Screen Shot 7

“special” in a hex. You still have movement points available and you could click on continue to keep moving but you decide to claim the resources that this special might offer (Screen Shot 7). You left click on the “Claim” button and 4 energy resources are added to your stockpiles (Screen Shot 8). Claiming the special ends your army’s movement for this turn. You decide to end your turn and click on the “End Turn” button in the upper right hand corner. The AI has already taken its turn so you start the round of turns again by buying dice. You don’t have many resources so just click “OK” and proceed to the “Determine Initiative” dialogue box.

Armageddon Empires

Screen Shot 8

Click on the “Roll Die” button and watch the dice roll. Again the winner will be assigned 12 Action Points and go first. The loser receives 6 Action Points and takes his turn second. You lose the initiative again and take your turn second. The AI quickly takes its turn. Moving your “Recon Alpha” a few more hexes around the map you notice that you have discovered a tile with human resources available for collection. You will need to get a hero card or a unit card with the “engineer” special ability to the hex in order to create a resource collection card there. You have a hero name “Honore Harris” in your hand but she requires 2 human resources to deploy. You hit end turn and win the next initiative roll as well as pick up the additional human resource for a total of 2. You drag “Honore Harris” to your stronghold hex and opening up the army viewer interface create an army as before calling it “Battle Group Z.” You drag the hero card into the new army and exit the viewer. You right click on the army icon and move the army to the resource hex. Now that you have the army containing your hero in the right hex (Screen Shot 9) you are going to have to wait a turn to have enough resources to build the collector in the hex. You click on end turn and after the AI finishes its turn you start the next round rolling for initiative. You lose the initiative but you

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