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Armageddon Empires

have more than enough Action Points to build the collector. You left click on the army symbol in the resource hex and bring up the “Army Viewer” interface. You can now see the Honore Harris card in the army. By right clicking on her card you can access any of

Screen Shot 10

Screen Shot 11

her special abilities (Screen Shot 10). In this case all heroes have the innate special ability to create a resource collector. The option to create the collector in the hex appears on a pad. Since the text is black the action point and resources requirements to create the collector have been met. Left click on the text entry and the collector is deployed to the hex. You close the “Army Viewer”

interface and note that a new icon appears in the hex denoting the existence of a collection facility in the hex (Screen Shot 11). If you left click on the “Players” button the “Empire Information” screen will appear and the number of human resources collected per turn will now read as “2.” In this way you can expand your resource base so that you can gather enough resources to build some more powerful armies. Remember that collector facilities are very vulnerable. Even a single enemy hero entering the hex can destroy the collector cards if there is not a combat capable army in the hex or an outpost or stronghold facility present in an unguarded hex. Basically, if the enemy can exert control in the hex the facility card is destroyed.

Now that you have mastered army creation and movement let’s take a look at how you deploy facility cards to the game board. The technique is essentially the same as deploying unit cards. Drag the facility card to a valid hex and release it with the cursor over the target hex (Screen Shot 12). Facility cards other than outposts or minefields must be deployed to a hex that already contains an outpost or stronghold card. There must also be a slot available. An outpost or stronghold can “host” as many additional cards as it has levels. You will have to upgrade the outpost or stronghold to raise its level and thus gain additional slots for hosting other facilities. This is accomplished in the “Base Viewer” interface which is opened up by left clicking on the facility icon on the map. You can then right

Screen Shot 12

click on the outpost or stronghold card in the viewer to bring up a special abilities option pad which will include the option to upgrade the facility if all requirements are met.

In order to deploy an outpost card to the game board you must have a hero card or a unit card with the “engineer” special ability in a hex that is controlled by your faction and in supply. You must also have sufficient Action Points and resources available

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