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Armageddon Empires

Tactic Effect: The tactic effect determines how the tactic card changes the players’die rolls or fate totals during a“challenge.” Effects range from adding extra dice to your pool to re-rolling your opponent’s dice or removing dice from his die pool. See the appendix at the end of the manual for a full description of all the tactic effects.

Resources: Each hex can contain resources denoted by colored icons across the top of the hex. Resources are collected by facility cards that a player either plays or constructs in the hex. Each turn before any player moves or acts, every hex that a player controls that has a resource and a matching collector is processed and the resources are added to the player’s stockpiles. There are four different types of resources:

The Map

The game map is constructed of hexagons. Each hex represents a geographic location that a player can occupy with his armies or facilities. Every game a randomly generated map is created. Players also start each game by placing hexagon tiles that they have included in their deck. All players must place at least one hex tile and no more than 10 hex tiles on the map before play commences. Each tile hexagon has several different characteristics:

Humans: This resource represents small scattered human populations eking out an existence in the harsh environment of the wastelands.

Materials: This resource represents steel, wires, advanced alloys, and building materials strewn across the landscape from the devastation of the Great Cataclysm and the hundreds of years of ensuing strife. Such reprocessed materials are essential for constructing new weapons, vehicles and buildings.

Terrain Type: The type of terrain is indicated visually on the hex tile and can range from barren desert to rugged mountains.

Movement Cost: The number of movement points that must be expended by an army to move into the hex. Movement cost is denoted by the color of the border around the hex. The lightest color represents a 1movement point cost, the middle color denotes a 2 point cost and finally the darkest brown costs 3 points.

Terrain Bonus: The terrain can give an army a bonus number of die to each unit defending in a hex. The terrain bonus is generally the movement cost minus 1 (MC – 1). However certain specials in a hex can also provide a bonus. Tunnels provide a +2 bonus to defense die while defensive works provide a +1 bonus.

Energy: This resource represents power sources need to drive advanced equipment, machines and biologic processes. Fossil fuels, batteries, power cells, and even atomic power are prized possessions in the wasteland.

Technology: This resource represents the both the knowledge of how to construct advanced weapons and units as well as the specialized equipment, computer chips, data banks, and scientific instruments, needed to do so.

NOTE: In order for a facility to collect a resource from a hex, it must have a “Special Ability” that allows it to do so. A collection special ability looks like this: RC: 1H 1M. RC stands for Resource Collection and 1H 1M means it can collect one unit of humans and 1 unit of materials per turn.

Specials: Each hex can also contain a “Special.”There are four different types of specials: Independents, Discoveries, Defense Bonus and Salvage.

Independents: Independents are third party units and facilities that occupy a tile hex location and are represented as counters on top of the hex. They can have one of three attitudes towards a player: Join, Bargain or Fight.

Join: This attitude indicates that the independents goals are exactly aligned with the player’s and the independents will readily join the player’s cause. The independent units and facilities are immediately added to the player’s empire and are now completely under the player’s control.

Bargain: This attitude indicates that the independents goals are partially aligned with the player’s and the independents will join the player’s cause for a price. The independent units and facilities are added to the player’s empire if the player can pay the independents price measured in resources.

Resource icons


Tunnels +2 Def

Fort + Def







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