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Armageddon Empires

Regeneration: Units with the “Regeneration” special ability are brought back to full hit points if they had sustained any damage.

Determine Initiative

Players buy die with resources from their stockpiles and then roll to determine the order in which players will take their turns. Highest roll goes first and receives the most Action Points followed in line by the remaining players.

Player Turns

Players spend their action points to do the following:

Play Cards: Heroes, units and facilities are dragged from the player’s hand to an eligible deployment hex (see deployment rules below). Attachments, enhancements and munitions are dragged from the player’s hand and dropped on to the host hero, unit or facility in the appropriate Army or Facility Viewer Interface. Munitions can be attached to attack cards by right clicking on the munition in the player’s hand.

Create, Manage and Disband Armies: Once a unit card has been played to an outpost or stronghold location it will appear in that location’s garrison. A garrison is automatically created in any outpost or stronghold location that you control (see deployment rules for further information). By clicking on the army counter for your faction in the hex you can examine all the armies in that hex location by using the “Army Viewer Interface.”You can create new armies and name them, transfer units among armies or disband armies that have no units in them.

Move Armies: By right clicking on the army counter for your faction in a hex you can bring up a menu that let’s you initiate movement, and other special actions. Both the army’s movement rate and movement cost in Action Points is displayed. Armies that are eligible for other special actions will have those options presented as well. Such actions can include air assaults, going to stealth mode to help prevent enemy detection, and hunting for an enemy hero in the same hex. When two combat capable, non-stealthed armies meet in a hex a battle ensues. If the human player is participating in the battle then it is resolved in the Tactical Battle Module described later.

Play Attack Cards: Attack cards are dragged from the hand and dropped on a hex that is to be targeted. If a valid target exists then an “Air to Ground Challenge” takes place. If there is a player who has the hex under observation and has a valid Attack Card that is both in range of the hex and possesses the “Air to Air” special ability, then that player may elect to initiate an “Air to Air Challenge” and intercept the attack. Following such an attack, if the hex contains a unit or facility with an “anti-aircraft“ or “anti- missile” capability as appropriate, then that unit may elect to respond to the attack (see Attack Card Response cycle below)

Deploy a Collector: All heroes and any units with the “Engineer” special ability can construct faction specific collectors in a hex with a resource icon that is not already being exploited. Right click on the hero or unit card to select the “Build Collector” option from the pop up menu.

Activate a Card Special Ability: Heroes, units and facilities


can have special abilities that are activated by right clicking on their respective card and selecting an option from a pop up menu. Often special challenges can be initiated if certain conditions exist. Such challenges include assassination, sabotage, espionage, and creating tactics and technology cards.

Draw a Card: You can click on the draw card button on the player’s hand interface to take the top card from your deck and place it in your hand. You must pay Action Points to do this and have sufficient space in your hand.

Discard a Card: If you decide you want to remove a card from your hand you can right click on it and select “Discard” from the pop up menu. No Action Points are required to be spent in order to discard a card.

End Turn

A player ends his turn by left clicking on the “End Turn” button in the upper right corner of the “Game Interface.”

End of Round

At the end of each round of player turns the following actions are automatically taken:

Check Victory Conditions: Any players who do not have a valid stronghold location in play are removed from the game. A stronghold location is a facility with the “HQ” special ability.

Eliminate Players: Eliminated players are removed from the game and any units and facilities that they owned are randomly turned into independent controlled units and facilities or simply destroyed. If only one player remains in the game then he is declared the victor. If all players are eliminated the game is called a draw between the players who began the last turn.

Clear All Observations: All hexes are cleared of observation checks generated by a player’s armies and facilities.


Armies are hero and unit cards combined together to form a single group that fights and moves in unison. Armies are represented on the game board by a counter marked with the controlling faction’s symbol and the number of armies in the hex belonging to that faction. Armies are created in the Army Viewer Interface, which can be accessed by left clicking on an army counter that belongs to you. An army that is permanently stationed at a stronghold or outpost is called a garrison and cannot move or retreat. It is destroyed if the stronghold or outpost is captured. If the stronghold or outpost is destroyed the garrison remains (if it contains hero or unit cards) until it is destroyed or all the units in it are transferred to other armies in the same hex. The following rules govern armies:

Armies cost 3 Action Points to create but can cost more or less depending on special abilities or espionage missions conducted by other players.

Armies can only be created at a stronghold or outpost hex controlled by the player.

Armies can only be created in a hex if that hex is not besieged.

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