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Armies must be named by the player.

Experience Level

Experience Points

Armageddon Empires Fate Bonus


1 to 10



11 to 30



31 to 70



71 to 150



151 +


Armies can be disbanded at a stronghold or outpost if the army is empty.

Armies can contain a maximum of 8 unit cards. Armies can contain a maximum of 1 hero card. The maximum number of armies for any faction is 8 in a single hex.

Armies without a hero cannot exceed the player’s base CR. If a situation arises where through loss of a hero an army exceeds the player’s base CR then the units are subject to an attack and defense penalty until the excess units are transferred out or destroyed or a new hero is deployed to the army.

Armies with a hero that exceed that leaders CR are subject to an attack and defense penalty.

Armies move at the rate of the slowest card in the army. Armies with a hero use the hero’s fate for combat challenges.

Armies expend Action Points to move. The movement cost in Action Points is equal to one point for every hero and unit in the army unless the unit has the “Rapid Response” ability.

Adding new units to an army or losing/removing them from an army will negatively impact the experience level of an army. Adding a new unit card to an army means that the new unit must be brought up to speed and indoctrinated into the culture and ways of the new parent army. Because of this a 10% experience penalty is applied each time a new unit is added to an army. Removing/losing a unit also incurs a penalty but much more severe. A 25% penalty is applied in that case.

NOTE: A hero immediately grants its army a bonus of 8 experience points just by leading the army. If the hero leaves the army for any reason the bonus is lost.

An army can only move once during a turn.

Prestige Points

An army can engage stealth mode only if all cards it contains are stealth capable.

An army can perform an air assault only if all unit cards in the army have the “Air Assault” Special ability. The hero leading an air assault operation does NOT have to have an “Air Assault” special ability.


As stated previously garrisons are a special type of army. The following rules govern garrisons:

Garrisons can exceed the player’s base CR + 2 unit limit but the units in the garrison suffer a penalty to attack and defense

More than one hero can be in a garrison but only one hero is designated as the garrison commander for battle and CR purposes

Each time an army destroys an enemy unit or facility or captures or kills an enemy hero it earns prestige points. Prestige points denote the fame the unit has gained among its peers in the empire. Once a unit reaches the level of 35 Prestige Points it has earned a place in the empire’s pantheon of heroes and is designated a legendary army. Legendary armies are granted special bonuses signified by the awarding of their empire’s highest award. Legendary armies receive +2 bonus points to their supply range and +1 to their movement point pool. They also fight more effectively when out of supply. The penalties applied to attack and defense when out of supply are reduced to -2 and -1 respectively. Legendary armies also receive a +4 fate bonus. Even if all the original units of the army are destroyed the prestige of the army will remain unless the army itself is eliminated in battle.

The garrison uses the garrison commander’s CR attribute unless it is lower the player’s base CR + 2

The garrison uses the garrison commander’s Fate attribute in battle.

Battle Honors

Whenever an army participates in an important battle the army is awarded a battle honor noting the event.

The garrison commander can be changed by right clicking on the new commander and choosing “Assign as CO” from the pop up menu

Air Assault

Garrisons can never retreat to an adjacent hex

If a garrison retreats during battle and the owner of the garrison loses the battle, every card (unit and hero) in the garrison is destroyed.

If a Garrison is made non-combat capable during combat having lost all its unit cards and only has heroes remaining then those heroes are killed if the player loses the battle rather than receiving an escape attempt

Air assault movement allows an army to jump directly to a hex within range regardless of the terrain, control or supply status of the hex. The army is considered in supply during the turn it conducts the assault even if it would normally not be in supply in the target hex.



If an army is lead by a hero it will gain experience points and become more formidable in the field. 1 experience point is gained per turn automatically. Experience points are also awarded for destroying enemy units in battle. Once certain levels of experience are gained the army is granted additional fate points in battle, but only of course if the army still contains a hero card:

If every card in an army including the hero has the “Stealth” special ability then the army is stealth capable and can engage stealth to reduce its chance of detection. A stealthed army however cannot exert control over a hex.


Bases are groups of facility cards placed together in the same hex. Bases are represented on the game board by a vertical counter


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