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Armageddon Empires

NOTE: In order to break a siege you can either move an army into the besieged hex from and adjacent hex OR right click on the besieged armies and select“Break Siege”from the pop up menu. The Action Point cost to do this is 3 Action Points.

NOTE: In order to assault a besieged hex you can either move an army into the besieged hex from and adjacent hex OR right click on the besieged armies and select“Assault Defenses”from the pop up menu. The Action Point cost to do this is 3 Action Points.

NOTE: If you move the only army besieging a hex (even to the same hex) the siege is lifted immediately and must be reinstated and remain so for the rest of the turn in order to put the destroyed on retreat condition back into effect.


Supply represents your faction’s logistical ability to maneuver and operate in the hostile environment of the wastelands. Supply is provided by a deployed non-besieged stronghold or outpost card and in special cases by a mobile supply unit card. Outposts and Strongholds with the “Supply” special ability project supply capabilities into the hexes surrounding them. Units with the “Mobile Supply” special ability provide supply only to the hex they are in and only for friendly armies that are in the same hex. Supply is not provided by the “Mobile Supply” special ability for any other purpose like building collectors or deploying outposts. In the case of a stronghold or outpost providing supply, the supply extends as far as the faction’s supply range will allow. Most factions have a supply range of 4 points but that can be altered by deployed cards with special abilities or enemy espionage operations. Starting at the supply hex the adjacent hexes are determined to be in supply if they can trace a path back to the supply hex where the total movement cost of the hexes in the path is less than or equal to the supply range points and there are no hexes in the path “controlled” by the enemy. If a combat capable army begins its turn in a hex that is not in supply then it is limited to moving a single hex for that turn. This rule does not apply to armies that are composed solely of a hero. Such armies can move their full movement rate during the turn. Combat capable armies also suffer penalties to their attack and defense strengths if they are involved in combat in an out of supply hex. The penalties are -3 to attack and -2 to defense.

NOTE: Unit cards with the “Commando” special ability never receive the penalties to attack and defense if they are in an out of supply hex. Unless the entire army is made up of unit cards with the “Commando” special ability it will be limited to moving a single hex per turn if it starts the turn in an out of supply hex.

NOTE: Pressing the “Supply” toggle button at the bottom of the “Game Interface” will toggle on or off a green colored overlay indicating which hexes are currently in supply range for your faction. Remember though that the display is of supply potential. The hexes shown might not actually be in supply depending on whether enemy armies or bases are occupying hexes and blocking supply.

Relocate HQ

Although your initial base location is denoted as your “Stronghold”, it is the card’s “HQ” special ability that makes it the Victory Objective for your opponents. It is possible to transfer


the “HQ” special ability to another facility card. If you right click on the current “HQ” facility card a pop up menu will appear that will offer the chance to change your “HQ” location if other valid non-besieged outpost or stronghold locations are available. Both Action Points and resources are required to perform this operation and are dependent upon the player’s faction. Generally the Action Point cost is 12 points.


Enemy armies and bases are not automatically detected and displayed on the game board unless your faction has observed them. This feature is called the“Fog of War.”Most of the map will not be under your observation unless you gain access to rare special facilities or technologies that give you the ability to observe many hexes. The ability to detect an enemy army in a hex is called observation and is granted by units with the“Recce” special ability or just the mere presence of an army or base in a hex itself. Friendly armies and bases placed on the game board will all automatically project their observation capabilities into any hexes that they occupy or the surrounding hexes if they have the “Recce”special ability. These projections are called observation checks and represent a number of dice that are rolled in a“Hidden Challenge”to determine whether an enemy unit or facility is detected. The number of dice that are rolled by the faction making an observation check is determined by the observation strength of the army or facility making the check. A base or army by itself regardless of size gets a basic observation check in its own hex of strength equal to 1 die. If the army in the hex had a unit with the ability Recce S6, R1 (Observation Strength 6 dice, Observation Range 1 hex) then it would get an additional observation check of 6 dice in the same hex and the surrounding hexes would get observation checks of 6 minus the defensive terrain modifier minus the range of the hex from the unit’s hex (in this case simply 1 or the adjacent hexes).

Observation Dice = base strength – terrain modifier - range

The detection threshold or number of die the enemy gets to try and avoid detection is determined by the number of cards in the enemy army. The more dice the enemy unit has to roll the greater the chance it will avoid detection. The base number of die decreases as the size of the army increases meaning that it is more difficult to hide a large formation of units than it is a smaller one. The formula is as follows:

Detection Dice =  – (number of units in army / )

So an army with 1 or 2 units will have 3 detection dice. An army with 3, 4 or 5 units will have 2 detection dice and finally an army with 6, 7 or 8 units will have 1 detection die. Heroes do not count for the purpose of calculating the detection dice so an army with just a hero in it will have a detection dice pool of 3 dice. Facilities each get separate checks for visibility during an observation check. Unless a facility has a “Camouflage” special ability the base detection dice pool for any facility depends on the type of facility. The detection die pools are as follows:

Stronghold, Outpost, Infrastructure:  die Laboratory, Academy, Air Defense Center: 2 dice Intel Center:  dice Collectors:  dice

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