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Armageddon Empires

Some facilities like minefields have a“Camouflage”special ability that is used to determine the detection pool dice. For example the ability“Camouflage 4”would give the facility a 4 dice detection pool.

The two dice pools are then rolled and compared. If the observer has more successes than the undetected army or base, then it is detected and its icon will now be visible on the game board.


Some units can enhance their ability to go undetected by using a “Stealth” special ability. In order for an army to go stealth it must contain ONLY stealth capable units and heroes. If an army is stealth capable, it will display an option to engage stealth or de-stealth when you right click on the counter representing that army. Armies that are stealthed use the stealth level of the lowest unit in the army as the number of dice in their detection pool. Additionally the strength of observation checks directed against them are cut in half. This means that the chance of detection for stealthed units is much lower, but as stated above a stealthed unit cannot control a hex.

Example: A friendly stealthed army is in an adjacent desert hex to an enemy army (Terrain Modifier = 0, Range to hex = 1) containing a unit that has a“Recce S6, R1”special ability. The observation check for the enemy army projected into the friendly stealthed army’s hex will be 6 – 0 – 1 = 5. Since the unit being detected is stealthed the total is divided by 2 yielding 2 dice total in its observation pool. The friendly stealthed army has a stealth level of 5 so it will roll five dice in its detection pool. Both sides roll. The friendly stealthed army rolls 3 successes and the enemy army rolls 1 success. The friendly army remains undetected.


Facilities cannot be stealthed but they can lower their chance of detection by being “camouflaged.” Some facilities have this capability because of a “special ability” that they possess, and others can gain it by the addition of an attachment card. If a facility card has the “camouflage X” special ability then the strength of observation checks against it are cut in half. Instead of the normal formula for determining how many dice the facility gets to avoid detection, X dice are used, where X represents the strength of the camouflage “special ability.” If a Stronghold or Outpost card has the “camouflage X” special ability then any armies or garrisons in the hex also acquire camouflage benefits as long as they do not move or are in a “stealth” status. “Stealth” status always takes precedence over “camouflaged” status.

Basic Challenge Mechanics

Whenever a challenge is initiated an attacker and a defender roll dice to determine the outcome of the challenge. The attacker is given a specific number of dice in his pool and the defender is likewise designated a certain amount of dice each based on their attributes, attachments and any special circumstances like terrain or defense bonuses. The maximum dice that an attacker or defender can have in their pool is 10 and the minimum is 1. Once the challenge has been initiated the “Die Challenge Interface” will appear displaying the attacker’s dice pool lined up on the top row and the defender’s dice pool line up below. The names of the cards engaging in the calling as well as their faction symbols will be displayed. Often there will be other data displayed as well such as fate points, wound points, hit points or structure points.

Detecting stealthed units can be difficult but there is one circumstance where it is much easier. If a facility has a “Sniffer” special ability then it’s observation strength is NOT cut in half during a check against a stealthed unit. Intel Center Facilities can be upgraded to gain the “Sniffer” special ability and help put a damper on enemy spies and assassins.

The attacker starts with the initiative and can play tactic cards to the tactic cards slot if desired. The challenge is commenced by clicking the “Start Roll” button. The attacker’s dice are rolled. If you are the attacker then the defender’s dice are automatically rolled. Otherwise you must click on the “Roll” button in the upper right corner of the dialogue box. Once the defender’s dice pool is rolled the two results are compared to see which side has the most successes. If the defender has fewer successes than the attacker,

Challange Interface


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