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Armageddon Empires

The Factions

It is a time of warring states. Four major factions vie for supremacy of the wastes:

The Empire of Man

Despite its ragtag origins, the imperial order of battle is impressive. Infantry and armor units form the backbone of the Empire’s military forces. Their soldiers are of the highest caliber possessing fanatical faith in their Emperor and their holy war to reclaim the earth for humanity. The Emperor’s Own are the most devoted and fanatical fighting forces in the Empire. Imperial troops generally have excellent attack strength and potent special abilities. While they lack a wide range of Mecha variants, they more than make up for it with an impressive array of armored fighting vehicles. Imperial Powered Battle Armor (PBA) designs allow the Imperial Marines, Guard and Rangers go toe to toe with the best shock troops any enemy can field. The armies and heroes of the Empire of Man are well rounded fighting forces. Finally, Imperial Airpower has become an aggressive and powerful arm of the Imperial arsenal by adapting alien technology to older human airframe designs. An Imperial player has a lot of flexibility when building a winning strategy.

Faction Bonus The Empire of Man has a base Command Rating (CR) of . 3 instead of the default 2

The Xenopods

The Xenopods are masters of the biologic and sculptors of the living flesh. Xenopods field units evolved through genetic manipulation and accelerated growth. The foundation of Xenopod society is the Hive, built on a Queen pod layer. Pods hatch into xenogytes, which attach themselves to a host organism, devour the brain and manipulate the body through direct control of the nervous system. The body can then either be gradually devoured or genetically transformed as the xenogyte chooses its final stage of evolutionary development. Xenogytes tend to keep much of the form of their hosts and can use and manipulate tools and weapons. Xenomorphs are brute force fighting machines armed with an array of biologic weapons from toxic and corrosive enzymes to biologic projectiles. The Xenopods also have a solid line of genetically engineered biomecha, non-sentient bipedal fighting organisms, but limited access to powered flying vehicles. Some Xenopods have developed powerful psionic abilities that can damage the minds of enemy troops or sow confusion in the ranks of biologic opponents. While the Xenopods do not require as much material resources as the other factions they do need access to large amounts of humans to reach their full war fighting potential. With access to sufficient human resources the Xenopods can quickly build up a juggernaut of destruction.

Faction Bonus The Xenopods have a base AP Cost of 2 to draw a card from their deck instead of the default 3


The Machine Empire

Machine battle robots are heavily armored and have generally high resistances. The elite Scourge Platoon strikes fear into the heart of any biologic entity. Machine warlords have access to a wide variety of automated armor (automats) and mecha (automecha). Machine heroes generally have excellent wound points and a solid line of special abilities especially when it comes to creating technology cards. Robots, automats and automecha are immune to biological attacks such as nerve gas, neurotoxins, bore worms or psionic control. The remnants of the Machine Empire Suborbital Expeditionary Forces are capable of projecting power over long distances. Finally, the Machines can choose to ignore the collection of human resources if they desire. Materials, energy and tech stockpiles are more important for the Machines player, but uses for humans can always be found. A Machines player tends to be methodical and aggressive, extending outposts, controlling territory and extracting resources so that he can muster a large army with some of his most deadly units.

Faction Bonus The Machine Empire has a base maximum hand size of 9 instead of the default 8

The League of Free Mutants

The League of Free Mutants is a loose confederation of clans that seek to live free from servitude as soldier slaves. Created by the Xenopods in the years following the Cataclysm, the mutants were used as fodder to fight the forces of the Machine Empire. The core DNA was human, but enhancements were made by adding other genetic material to create races of super soldiers. The pinnacles of the Xenopod’s efforts were creation of the so called Giants and Dragons. Giants are 15 foot tall humanoids with super strength, enhanced reflexes and exceptional constitutions. Capable of firing tank cannon as personal weapons the Giants make the ultimate shock troops. Dragons were the result of combining human and reptilian DNA to create a creature that is intelligent, deadly fast, well armored, and highly mobile. Dragons are the perfect beasts for surviving in the harsh conditions of the Wastelands. Mutant troops thrive in the wastelands. Many can operate behind enemy lines without supplies and Mutants generally move faster than almost any comparable enemy units, except specialized recon forces. Although the Mutants shun aircraft, they have developed powerful counters to their enemies’ air capabilities. Swarms of mutants volley firing shoulder launched surface to air missiles can devastate an incoming attack wave in seconds. Mutants also have access to excellent genetic technology card creation abilities. The Mutant player can use hit and run tactics to keep his opponents off balance and then quickly move troops in for a killing blow.

Faction Bonus The Mutants have a base supply range of 5 points

instead of the default 4

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