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Getting Started:

Play Example

This section will run you through a brief example of how to start a game and a few simualted turns that denonstrate some of the basic mechanics of the actions that you can take during your turn.

Starting a New Game

Refer to the “Start New Game” diagram in the Interface Guide below. Start a new game by clicking on the “New Game” button. Keep all the defaults settings for card points, tile points, map size, specials and resources. Click on the select deck button and select the “Imperial Demo Deck” from the deck selection menu. Now click on the top opponents drop down box and select “The Machine Empire” as an opponent. The start button will now be activated so click on it to start the game.

Laying Tiles

Refer to the “Determine Lay Tiles Order” and “Lay Tiles Interface” diagrams in the Interface Guide below. You will next roll dice to determine who lays tiles first. Click on the “Start Roll” button and observe who wins the roll. The dice will be automatically re- rolled in the event of a tie. Once the winner has been determined you will wait for your turn and click the “Lay Tiles” button at the bottom of the menu. Refer to the “Set Tile in Hex” diagram in the Interface Guide below You will see a group of green tiles that represent the area of valid hexes for you to lay your tiles. Drag the tile from your hand and drop it on the hex you wish to use. Make sure the mouse pointer is over the desired hex. Click on “Set Tile” in the upper right hand corner to move to the next round. Players alternate taking turns during a round in the same order as their original dice rolls. When all the tiles have been set, you will be presented with your Stronghold card. Click on your Stronghold card and drag it over the tile to which you want to deploy it. Drop

Armageddon Empires

the card onto the tile by releasing the mouse button making sure that the cursor is over the desired hex. Click on the “Start Game” button in the upper right hand corner.

You will now receive a message that the map is being created. Wait for the game initialization to be completed and you will then be taken to the game board “Game Interface.” Refer to the “Buy Initiative Die” diagram in the Interface Guide below. You will notice that the “Buy Initiative Die” dialogue box is already displayed. Don’t purchase any dice. Click on “Done” to bring up the “Determine Initiative” dialogue box and click on “Roll Die.” Once the winner has been determined, click on “Start Round” to start the first round of turns.

Taking Your Turn

Once the initiative winner has been determined you will be able to start your turn. The AI player has won the initiative so it takes its turn and a dialogue box appears indicating this. The box then changes to indicate that it is now your turn once the AI has finished. You left click on the “Start Turn” button on the small dialogue box and begin your turn. Examine Screen Shot 1. You will notice that you have collected 1 resource of each type and that the resource display at the top of the map indicates this. At the beginning of each round of turns you will collect any resources where you have both a tile containing resource icons and a card with a special ability to collect the resources. The hex must also be able to trace a supply route to a non-besieged outpost or stronghold card that you control. You have also been assigned 6 Action Points because you lost the turn initiative. Examining your cards you observe that you have an Imperial Recon card available to play and sufficient Action Points and resources to pay for its deployment. You left Click on the Imperial Recon Card and drag it over the icon representing your base which contains your stronghold card. Release the left mouse button with the cursor inside the hex containing the base icon (Screen Shot 2 ). The card will disappear and will now be found

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 1

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