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Plant locations in Canada

Table 4: The following table is a list of ethanol production plants currently in operation in Canada.

Producer Mohawk Oil, Canada, Ltd. Pound-Maker Agventures, Ltd. Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Commercial Alcohols, Inc. Agri-Partners International

Location Minnedosa, Man. Lanigan, Sask.

Tiverton, Ont. Chatham, Ont. Red Deer, Alta.


Temiscaming, Qué.

Capacity 10 M. Litres 12 M. Litres

23 M. Litres 150 M. Litres 22 M. Litres 17 M. Litres

Other Information Wheat-based Wheat-based Partnered with a cattle feedlot Corn-based Corn-based Wheat-based Forestry product-based


8.3.2 Mohawk Oil, Canada, Ltd., Minnedosa, Man.

Mohawk Ethanol, in Minnedosa Manitoba sells distillers dried grains or wet mash to the surrounding livestock producers. Mohawk Oil is the retailer for the ethanol from the Minnedosa plant.

Because the Minnedosa plant sells the ethanol co-product and is wholly owned by Mohawk, the economics can be more clearly identified. Capital costs range between $Canadian 0.6 to 1.0 per litre. In the early eighties the production costs were about 70 cents per litre and have fallen to under 30 in the nineties. The Minnedosa plant is an old distillery, which commenced operation for fuel ethanol production in the early eighties and produced about 7 million litres/year in the late eighties. By 1994 the production at this facility had exceeded 10 million litres per year through advances in yeast strains used and better production procedures. http://www.cadvision.com/violetbook/etoh.htm

8.3.3 Pound Maker Agventures, Lanigan, Sask

Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd. along with Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd. and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool are minority shareholders, owning 22%. Pound Maker Agventures Ltd. is in charge of the day to day operations of the feedyard, ethanol plant and the feedmill. The plant has a 10 million litre per year ethanol production plant that employs around 15 people.

In addition to ethanol, the plant produces two by-products, thin stillage and wet distillers grain (WDG), which are utilized fully in their feedlot. The thin stillage is piped to the feedlot as the cattles' only drinking source. The WDG is mixed with other components, such as grain and roughage, as protein in the feed rations. The percentage of WDG in rations fluctuates with the volume produced and is totally fed on a daily basis. http://www.greenfuels.org/poundmak.html

8.3.4 Commercial Alcohols, Inc., Tiverton, Ont.

This plant is the second largest distillery in Canada producing 22 million litres of alcohol per year. Commercial Alcohols has grown to be the largest manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade alcohol (ethyl alcohol or ethanol) in Canada. Its 1700

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